Northern Oklahoma College believes that desire for excellence in learning deserves appropriate recognition. As a result of this philosophy, awards will be given to those who participate as well as those who rank first, second, or third in their contests.

The following awards will be presented:

  1. Certificates of Merit: awarded to all participants.
    These will be mailed to each school the week following the contest.
  2. Individual Medals: for students who rank. These will be mailed with the official results of the contest.
      a. First place: gold
      b. Second place: silver
      c. Third place: bronze
  3. Scholarships: to be applied within the first semester after graduation to a first-time and full-time college enrollment only. Total Northern Interscholastic scholarships cannot exceed the cost of tuition only for the semester's enrollment.
    NOTE: All contestants are eligible for scholarship awards. These awards are not valid for concurrent students or students enrolled in fewer than 12 hours per semester.

    Freshmen through Senior are eligible for scholarship awards. 
      a. One hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) for first place.
      b. One hundred dollars ($100.00) for second place.
      c. Fifty dollars ($50.00) for third place.
  4. Scholarship Certificates: Scholarship certificates will be sent to contestants who rank first, second, or third as described above.
  5. Sweepstakes Plaques:
      a. A sweepstakes plaque will be awarded the school in each Northern classification division which has accumulated the greatest number of points on contest day.

    Northern classification divisions are as follows, based upon state football classification:
    Northern Class State Football Class
    High School Class I A, B, and C
    High School Class II 2A and 3A
    High School Class III 4A, 5A and 6A
    Jr. High School  

      b. Points will be determined by the following criteria:
          1. Three points, first place
          2. Two points, second place
          3. One point, third place

      c. Sweepstakes plaques will be delivered or mailed after the contest.