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NOC Interscholastic Contest Results & Placings

2019 Love's Cup Business Plan & Investment Competition

For more information, contact Laura Marshall at Wilkin 202E or (580) 628-6343.

2015 Governor's Cup: High Growth Undergraduate Semifinalists includes Magnetic Solutions Inc. (NOC team)

2015 Governors Cup Team and sponsor

(left to right)  Edgar Delgadillo, Greg Cusick, and Laura Marshall pictured at an I2E event. Magnetic Solutions Inc. consists of students Greg Cusick, Edgar Delgadillo, and Brenna Lane (Not pictured). Laura Marshall serves as the Faculty Adviser.

Campus Safety and Security Online Resource Repository

The Campus Best Practices workgroup has developed a ‘best practices’ compilation of original documents, notes and summaries, operational recommendations and ancillary resources for several key campus safety and security issues, including:

· drugs and alcohol

· mental health

· campus threat assessment

· cybersecurity

· weather safety

· federal regulation compliance, including Title IX and Clery Act

· student travel