NOC Enid Mackie Planetarium show - 7 p.m., free & open to the public (read more)

Wed, March 1, 20177:00 PM

Mackie Planetarium at NOC Enid show set for March 1 - free admission

The Mackie Planetarium on the NOC Enid campus will present a show for the public, Wednesday, March 1 beginning at 7 p.m.

Fritz Osell, NOC instructor, said, “The planetarium show will feature constellations in our winter night sky and will include comparison of the Iowa and Otoe tribal sky lore with our traditional constellation stories based on Greek mythology. We will compare our winter constellations of Orion and Taurus with the Redhorn cave paintings in Missouri, created over 900 years ago by the ancestors of some of our Oklahoma Indian tribes.

“We will also take a trip in a space elevator and see the sky from an orbiting space observatory. We will venture from the Redhorn cave paintings of 900 years ago to the night sky over Enid tonight and into our children’s future opportunities in asteroid mining and space colonization.

“If the sky is clear we will open the observatory to view star birth in the constellation Orion and look at the Pleiades. We will view these objects through the telescope and compare them to the Redhorn cave paintings displayed on a computer monitor in the observatory.”

There is no charge for the show but non-perishable food items are accepted for Our Daily Bread.