NOC Lady Mavs Girls Basketball Camp, grades 4-7, Tonkawa campus

Sun, June 14, 2009

NOC girls basketball camp set for June 14-19

   Greg Krause announces that applications are now available for the summer girls basketball camp.  The Northern Oklahoma College Lady Mavs basketball camp is scheduled for June 14 through 19 for grades 4 - 7.  Krause said, “The campers will be happy to know that the main gym is air conditioned.”

   A brochure, schedule and application can be found on the NOC website  On the home page click on “Athletics” near the top of the page then click on “Mavericks,” then “Basketball,” then “Women’s Basketball,” then “Camp.”

The training will include mass drills and station drills.  Also, team fast break offense skills will be taught, including work on floor balance, filling lanes, court spacing, advancing the ball, and proper shot selection.  There will be 1 on 1, 2 on 2, and 3 on 3 drills; a free throw contest, and league games.

   If you have questions or need more information contact Greg Krause at 580.628.6733 or