NOC Launches Online Job Board

Northern Oklahoma College recently announced the addition of a new online job board system as part of its student career services.  Interested students and alumni are able to conduct full-time and part-time employment searches on both a local as well as on a national basis.  “This service will help current and former NOC students in their career search,” according to Steve Glazier, NOC director of counseling services.  Of specific interest to students, are the over 1,000 career articles written by industry professionals to help guide students in their career pursuits.

In addition, the NOC online job board allows local employers the opportunity to conduct an extensive nationwide search to fill any job openings that may occur.  “It is increasingly important that business and industry leaders are able to fill every position with individuals that are able to compete in a global economy,” said Glazier.

There is no fee for current or former NOC students to use this new service, nor is there any cost involved for local businesses.  The new online job board can be accessed at  For additional information or for assistance the NOC Counseling Department can be reached at 580-548-2265.