NOC Spring Play, "Blue Denim," 7:30 p.m., Kinzer Performing Arts Center

Thu, April 16, 20097:30 PM

   Directed by John Michael Warburton, Northern Oklahoma College theatre instructor and produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. of New York, Blue Denim by James Leo Herlihy and William Noble performances will be April 22-24 in the Northern Kinzer Performing Arts Center on the Tonkawa campus. Curtain time is at 7:30 p.m. each evening.  Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for students.  NOC faculty, staff and students are admitted free. 

   Warburton said, “This production is about communication; communication between friends, between lovers, between husband and wife, between family members and between generations.  ‘I know you think you heard what I said … but did you really?’  How many times have you asked someone to do something and when it was done, it was nowhere near what you asked for?  It happens to all of us more times than we care to admit.  Just for fun, try an experiment at your next family gathering; recall a trip or vacation where everyone was present and someone said something or something memorable happened.  See if the rest of the group remembers what was said or how something happened.  I am willing to wager the results will amaze you!  With that in mind, see if you can remember how many times in this production someone doesn’t hear what was said or hears it wrong.  Hint: somewhere between 3 and 27.  Enjoy!”

   The cast includes Caleb Stinson of Tonkawa as Arthur Bartley, Micheal Cox from Cherokee plays Major Malcolm Bartley, Lenita Krejci from Enid as Lillian Bartley, Dia Baker of Yukon as Jessie Bartley, Ponca City High School graduate Alec Carson as Ernie Lacey, and Amanda Titus from Yukon plays Janet Willard.

The cast of characters in an earlier performance on the set of Blue Denim, from left to right, are Micheal Cox, Dia Baker, Lenita Krejci, Caleb Stinson, Amanda Titus and Alec Carson.