PLUS 50 Encore Completion Program:

PLUS 50LogoNorthern Oklahoma College believes that a college education should be available to everyone. Through the Plus 50 Encore Completion Program, the college prepares adults age 50 and older for fulfilling careers in nursing, social work and education for the adult learner who is facing the opportunities and challenges of leaving their current job and choosing retirement or a second career. Attend a Plus 50 Information Seminar on the first Tuesday in March, July and October each year. Learning is a lifelong process. Let Northern Oklahoma College Tonkawa, Enid or Stillwater prepare you for the next step. For more information, contact Plus 50 advisor April Heitfeld at 580.548.2322.

History: The Plus 50 program was started nationally in 2008 to help laid‐off workers get back to the labor force. It has expanded beyond workforce training and career development to include learning, enrichment and volunteering for the group often referred to as age‐less learners. Adult learners bring much experience to the classroom, but they also have many commitments beyond school. Some of you might be concerned about assuming the role of student.

PLUS 50 Considerations:

Here are questions to think about. You do not necessarily need to have the answers yet.

Learning is a lifelong process.

  • Why am I going to college? What is my goal? Complete this statement as part of your planning your college time: “I want to .... ”
  • How many hours a week do I have for school? For study?
  • Am I up‐to‐speed on computer use? If not, do I have access to a computer to practice? Are there classes available to improve my skills?
  • Do I have transportation concerns?

PLUS 50 Checklist:

  •  Attend a Plus 50 Information Seminar (1st Tuesday in March, July, and October)
  • Complete application for admission to the college
  • Complete financial aid forms, as needed
  • Take placement tests for courses requiring them 
  • Order official copies of your high school and/or college transcripts, if needed 
  • Look for scholarships 
  • Get advising assistance and register for courses 
  • Take some time to bring your computer skills up to par, if  necessary 
  • Attend a Plus 50 Orientation (The week before classes begin) 
  • Pay bill online, in person, or with payment plan 
  • Buy any books needed online or at the Bookstore in the Gantz Center on the Enid Campus 
  • Check out the campus; get parking permit, and note parking areas near your classes
  • Visit the library and other campus services if time allows 
  • Learn how to use your student email account 
  • Login to your Blackboard site Review the schedule of classes for the upcoming semester
  • Once your classes are posted, create an assignment calendar 
  • Make a note of your instructors’ names and email addresses