Test Information

Areas of Examination

Traditional high school subject matter areas.


Tests will be 50 minutes long and objective unless otherwise indicated. Tiebreaker questions may be objective or subjective. Contests will be administered, graded and judged by the Northern faculty.

All test materials are the property of Northern and will at no time be returned to the contestant or sponsor. In cases of questions, only the sponsor may request a review of test results.


All contests will run with a minimum of three students entered. If a contest is canceled, we will make every effort to contact schools and allow students to test in an alternate area.

Admission to Tests

Students will report to the test site on contest day. They must fill out a student information sheet distributed by the test administrator and write their names on the test instrument. To avoid possible loss of an award, students should be consistent in recording their first and last names as they appear on their Social Security cards.

Posting of Results and Distribution of Awards

Test results will not be available on the day of the test. Official results and medals will be mailed the week following the contest, and unofficial results will be posted online as soon as available. Schools may wish to postpone announcing winners until results have been verified.