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Admission Information

If you are interested in applying to the program, you have come to the right place!! Under the application tab click on the link entitled “nursing application” for the information you will turn in to the nursing division by March 1st. It does not matter which of the 3 locations (Tonkawa, Enid or Stillwater) you deliver the application. Please be sure to follow all the steps of the application process. There are several sections and several inserts that must accompany the application packet. If you have any questions please call 580.628.6679 or email us at

The other link under the application tab entitled “information packet” has valuable information for your use. The first is a letter letting you know what is important for acceptance. The next page is the point breakdown for acceptance. The higher your points the higher your chances of being accepted. Admission to the nursing program is competitive, and interviews may be employed as a secondary tool to determine admission when numerous students fall in the same point range. Guidelines for admission and retention are requirements necessary for a career in nursing. We have also enclosed an estimate of expenses that will occur during your education. As always these prices are subject to change. The last 2 pages are the drug policy we follow in nursing.

We hope this has helped you gather more information about the admission process to nursing. We wish you the best!