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Conference Calling:


  • Dial the first party, then press the CONFERENCE button.
  • Dial the number of the next party and wait for an answer.
  • Press the CONFERENCE button again to add the new party to the call.
  • To add a call that is on Hold, press the CONFERENCE button, then press the Line button of the held call, then press the CONFERENCE button again.
  • Press the DROP button to drop the last party conferenced into the call.

Call Forward:

  • Press the CFRWD button.
  • Dial the extension you wish to forward your calls to.
  • CFRWD box will gray out to let you know that it is activated.
  • To discontinue Call Forwarding, press the CFRWD button.

Voicemail Express Shortcuts:

  • To Change your Standard Greeting:  4, 1, 3, 2, 2
  • To Change your Security Code:   4, 1, 4
  • To Skip a Message and Go To the Next Message:  #
  • To Delete in Mid-Message:  3, 3, 7
  • To Save in Mid-Message:  3, 3, 9

Voicemail Playing Too Fast or Too Slow:

  • Too Fast – while listening to message press the number 4 one time only.
  • Too Slow – while listening to message press the number 6 one time only.

No Dial Tone:

  • Unplug power cord and phone cords from the bottom of the base of the phone.
  • Wait 10 seconds.
  • Replug cords.

Frequent Document Jams:

  • Try reducing the amount of paper that you are putting into the printer.  Overstuffing the printer tray is a leading cause of malfunctions.