COMPASS-Computerized Placement Tests (CPT)

COMPASS® is a comprehensive computerized adaptive test used by NOC to determine course placement for entering students.  If you did not score a 19 or better in any subsection on the ACT® you have the right to challenge your ACT score by taking a COMPASS placement test.  If you are over 21 you will be required to take the COMPASS test.  COMPASS is not a pass/fail, but instead determines which courses are best suited to the student’s level of readiness.  The placement test consists of 3 different tests: math, reading and writing with each test being unique and untime.  **See below for determination of science placement.  You must complete the admission process prior to testing.  Initial testing is free.  There is a $10 charge per test for a 2nd attempt.  If a student desires a 3rd attempt, $10 per test charge students must have scored within 5 points of the cut score for COMPASS Math and Reading and within 2 points for E-write.  Students are limited to 1 attempt per day.  Testing for the entire battery of test will take approximately 2½ to 3½ hours. You need to bring your photo ID with you to test.