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PO Box 310
1220 E. Grand
Tonkawa, OK 74653

PO Box 2300
100 S. University Ave.
Enid, OK 73702

PO Box 1869
1118 W. Hall of Fame
Stillwater, OK 74074

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Northern Oklahoma College Contractual Agreement with Financial Payments



Welcome to the Office of the Bursar at Northern Oklahoma College. “Bursar” is a term unique to higher education and means “keeper of the purse.” The Bursar Office bills and collects tuition, fees, campus housing, and other college related charges. The Bursar Office also processes and disburses all federal and campus-based funds to students’ bursar accounts and refunds any over-payments on students’ bursar accounts.

Bursar billing statements will not be mailed.

Tuition and Fees Due August 5, 2019 by 5:00 p.m.

View/Pay Bursar Account:

  • Login to myNOC (If you have never logged in before click on the NOC Access Tab; otherwise, continue to next step.)
  • Click on the Campus Connect tab
  • Click on blue Account Info tab at the top of the page
  • Select Review/Pay Account

Payments Accepted At The Cashier Window:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Debit Card With A Pin 

For Information On NOC Student’s Financial Responsibility Click Here

Payment Plans:

Payment plans can be setup via the web on myNOC.


Holds & Late Fees

If you have an account balance after October 17, 2019 for the fall 2019 semester and March 13, 2020 for the spring 2020 semester, a 10% late fee will be added to your account. If you have financial aid, all paperwork needs to be turned in and your award accepted a week prior to the late fee date to avoid the late fee.

If you have an account balance a hold will be placed on your account before enrollment for the next semester begins.Holds stop you from enrolling in future semesters or receiving your transcript until your balance is paid in full.

Delinquent account information will eventually be turned over to a collection agency which could endanger your credit score. If an account is turned over to a collection agency the student will be liable for the collection agency’s fees as well as the debt owed to NOC. 

Past due accounts may require payment from the Warrant Intercept Program that captures state income tax returns to pay outstanding debt.

Petition for Extenuating Circumstances Refund

If you would like to petition for a refund of tuition and fees, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and fill out this form.

Petition Deadline: 1 Year from the start of the semester petitioning

Refund eligibility criteria include:

1) Serious illness or injury verified by a doctor’s written statement (includes psychological disabilities verified by a psychologist)
2) Death of a spouse, parent, in-law, grandparent, or child verified by a death certificate
3) Military duty assignment verified by a copy of the signed military orders
4) Instructional Issues



Concurrent High School Students

High school seniors are eligible to receive a tuition waiver for up to 6 credit hours. The student is responsible for all fees, books, and other charges.

Credit Card Usage for Bursar Payments:

Credit card payments can only be made via the web on myNOC.

Costs associated with processing credit cards continues to grow each year, and the college cannot absorb this cost. The college wants to continue to offer the option to pay by credit card. Those who choose to use an accepted credit card to make bursar payments are assessed a 2.75% convenience fee ($3 minimum). The sole purpose of the fee is to cover charges from the credit card companies. This change does not impact the various other ways you can currently make bursar payments.

A 2.75% or $3 minimum non-refundable convenience fee will be added to all credit card bursar account payments.

The non-refundable convenience fee is assessed by our third-party processor, not NOC and will be included with your total payment amount on your credit card statement.

Credit card payments are NOT accepted in person at the cashier’s stations, by phone or by email. You can; however, use a debit card with a pin at the cashier’s stations.

Log on to your myNOC account to choose your refund preference. Upon logging on you will be prompted to choose the NOC card or ACH to your personal bank account. If you choose to use the NOC card, Herring Bank will mail the card to the address on your NOC student account.

Failure to activate your NOC card or set up direct deposit will delay your refund. All refunds process through Herring Bank with the exception of Parent Plus Loans and over-payments on past due accounts.

All unused Financial Aid, VA Education Benefits, Private Scholarships, and Tuition and Fees will be refunded to the student according to Federal and State Laws. 

Refunds to NOC card: Herring Bank will notify you by email that your refund is available in your account. To setup online banking with Herring Bank call 866.335.4318.

Refunds to Personal Bank Account: Herring Bank will notify you they have started the ACH process to your bank.

No NOC card: Herring Bank will mail you a check.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Herring Bank click here.


Northern Oklahoma College Contractual Agreement with Financial Payments

Herring Bank Student Accountholder Cost Disclosure