Log on to your myNOC account to choose your refund preference. Upon logging on you will be prompted to choose the NOC card or ACH to your personal bank account. If you choose to use the NOC card, Herring Bank will mail the card to the address on your NOC student account. Please verify that your address information is current.

Failure to activate your NOC card or set up direct deposit will delay your refund. All refunds process through Herring Bank with the exception of Parent Plus Loans and over-payments on past due accounts.

All unused Financial Aid, VA Education Benefits, Private Scholarships, and Tuition and Fees will be refunded to the student according to Federal and State Laws.

Refunds to NOC card: Herring Bank will notify you by email that your refund is available in your account. To setup online banking with Herring Bank call 866.335.4318.

Refunds to Personal Bank Account: Herring Bank will notify you they have started the ACH process to your bank.

No NOC card: Herring Bank will mail you a check.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Herring Bank click here.

Northern Oklahoma College Contractual Agreement with Financial Payments

Herring Bank Student Accountholder Cost Disclosure

Herring Bank Information

Help Desk Phone: 866.348.3435
Setup Online Banking:  866.335.4318

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Account Disclosures and Fee Schedule

Northern Oklahoma College Contractual Agreement with Financial Payments

Petition for Extenuating Circumstances Refund

If you would like to petition for a refund of tuition and fees, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and fill out this form.

Petition Deadline: 1 Year from the start of the semester petitioning

Refund eligibility criteria include:

1) Serious illness or injury verified by a doctor’s written statement (includes psychological disabilities verified by a psychologist)
2) Death of a spouse, parent, in-law, grandparent, or child verified by a death certificate
3) Military duty assignment verified by a copy of the signed military orders
4) Instructional Issues

In order to be considered for a refund of tuition and fees due to extenuating circumstances, adequate supporting documentation must be submitted with the petition.