Arts Adventure

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Arts Adventure 2014
Summer Camp
JULY 21-25

Arts Adventure invites you to attend a week long summer camp on the Northern Oklahoma College Tonkawa campus where you will gain talents and skills in visual arts, computer graphics, instrumental and vocal music, photography, dance, video, theatre and writing. The camp is open to young people entering Grades Six through Twelve.  Arts Adventure begins at 8:30 am and ends at 4 pm daily with a performance and exhibition on Friday evening. Students will participate daily in two to four classes throughout the week. Classes will fill early so students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible!  Enrollment is limited in some classes.  Classes with too few students may be cancelled.


Twenty classes to choose from! 


CARTOONING! Explore methods of creating your own cartoon characters. You will learn to understand simple concepts from what makes a hero or a villain to what is funny or serious. At the end of the class you will have your own cast of characters for you to imagine your own story.

DRAWING! In Drawing Class we will learn how to make our pictures look 3-dimensional, how to draw people and how to show light, shadow and action. This is not a cartooning class.

PAPERMAKING! After making your own hand-made sheets of paper, you will have the opportunity to create a variety of projects, including journal covers with hand-sewn binding, greeting cards, beads and bookmarks. Hand-made paper can also be cast to create decorative bowls or used to make unique paper “paintings.”

TEXTILES! We will make art to hang on the wall, stuff for a pillow and even to wear. We will use both traditional and fun new techniques to dye, paint, print and otherwise make art on and with cloth. Learn creative ways to customize fabric and even design your own.

WATERCOLOR PAINTING! Express yourself with color while learning many methods of painting with pigment and water. Experimental processes will add to the fun when water does the work! Organic form will lead experiences in creating visual awareness.

WILD AND WOOLY! In this class you will learn a variety of techniques for this popular fiber art. Colored wool fleece is sculpted using a special barbed needle or even just soap and water. Campers will make animal and character sculptures, a wool "painting" and more.


If you already know Photoshop, you’ll be ready for an adventure into the world of 2-D computer animation! You’ll use After Effects software to create motion graphics to add fl air to your visual art.

COMPUTER GRAPHICS! With the help of Photoshop, you’ll manipulate photos in a fun, funky way. You’ll use color and graphics to create a presentation of your own artistic design.


BACKSTAGE PASS: THEATER TECHNOLOGY 101! In this class, you’ll learn exactly how Theater technicians put together amazing shows using intelligent moving lights, sound reinforcement, sets and props to bring audiences into the action on stage. We’ll also dive into some theater etiquette, superstitions and history…but mostly we’ll be
playing with really expensive toys!

CREATIVE DANCE! Explore different dance forms and what makes each form’s expression unique. Work on basic dance movements, choreographing your own movements and collaborating with others while dancing. You will learn and help create dances to be performed in the Friday showcase.

STAGE MAKE-UP! Hands on experience with beginning theatrical make-up techniques. Each day will focus on a different aspect; basic application techniques and tools, old age, clown, monster, face appliances (noses, scars, crepe hair, etc.). Latex allergy alert: face appliances and make-up adhesives all contain Latex.


CHOIR SHOWCASE! Come sing with us and prepare for a showcase performance with different styles of music: show choir, vocal jazz and traditional choral music! Performance techniques, choreography, scat singing and listening to professional artists will also be included in the week. Fun for everyone!

COMPUTER MUSIC! Discover how to write and arrange music using Finale 08 software. Projects will range from easy to advanced, depending on your experience. 


DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY! Experience fun and creative ways to capture your life and the world around you with your digital camera. Your favorite photos will be displayed at the end of the week. Get ready to have fun with photography! A digital camera is required.

The Power of the Sword! Creative writing for the bold, brave and non-intimidated!

POETRY POWER! Get your feet wet and your swords ready for imagination in the study of a few mighty ballads (story poems) before we start inventing—setting, plot, characters and rhyme of our own. Our goal is for every brave soul to write his/her own ballad, a story of rhyming adventure.

JOURNEY JAUNT: THE STORY OF AN ADVENTURE! Setting, plot, character growth, mood, and climax of the story dominate this writing trip with sections on creating a good character, finding the best setting and making opportunities for the characters to grow. By the end of the class, each adventurer will have written a short journey/adventure saga! (blood and guts optional)