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Travel and study abroad are life changing experiences for college students. I’ve been working with students for more than a decade, helping expose them to global education opportunities and I’ve seen firsthand the impact it has. Whether it’s a course on one of our campuses, a short-term study abroad program, or a semester or more studying in a different country, it can be the spark that leads a student to a new interest, major or career option. These incredible experiences give students a competitive edge over their peers, which is incredibly attractive to potential employers in all fields.
Wade Watkins
NOC Dean of Global Education

2021 NOC Study Abroad Opportunities

NOC London Summer Program – June 20-July 2, 2021

LONDON SUMMER PROGRAM – 6 credit hours 
Global Studies (Dr Cook)
Creative Writing (Prof Scott)
June 20-July 2, 2021

Northern Oklahoma College is partnering with Regent’s University London to offer our 2019 NOC London Summer Program. Students will attend courses, participate in academic and cultural field trips, and enjoy free time in one of the most cosmopolitan city in the world. Two classes (6 credit hours [H/I, H]) will be taught in the mornings and afternoons utilized for faculty-led or independent field programs. Housing is in twin or triple dorm rooms on the beautiful campus of Regents University in central London. Space is limited to 12!

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NOC Dublin Summer Program – June 27-July 9, 2021

DUBLIN SUMMER PROGRAM – 6 credit hours 
Global Studies ( W. Watkins) + Creative Writing (T. Davis)
June 27-July 9, 2021

Students earn six credit hours (H/I, H) as they enjoy living on the campus of University College Dublin, one of Ireland’s oldest and most prestigious colleges. Enjoy classes in the mornings and faculty-led or independent field practica in the afternoons. The evening and weekend are free to explore on your own. Students will enjoy single dorm rooms with private bath and common living/kitchen areas. Space on this program is limited to 12 students and will sell out quickly so contact NOC Global Education as soon as possible.

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2022 NOC Study Abroad Opportunities

Springtime in Scotland & England: March 11-18, 2022 – a NOC Global Community Program (open to students AND non-students)

Enjoy and explore two of Europe’s most spellbinding cities. For almost 900 years, Edinburgh’s dramatic cityscape includes a medley of tangled cobbled streets in Old Town and the quiet elegance of New Town. In London, you will discover what made the English capital the center of the known world for several centuries. We will travel between these two iconic capitals via a scenic train ride.

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Cuba 2022: A NOC Global Community Program (open to any students AND non-students) – May 21-28, 2022

NOC is headed back to Cuba during the early summer of 2022 to explore the culture and culinary delights of this controversial, yet incredible Caribbean island nation. We will explore Havana and get to enjoy the art, architecture, and culture of the Cuban capital city. Participants will have the opportunity to play dominoes with locals (the Cuban national game) and even visit the house where Ernest Hemingway wrote “The Old Man and the Sea”. The trip will include visits to the coastal city of Cienfuegos and the colonial town of Trinidad. Space is VERY limited!

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NEW ZEALAND: Untamed Landscapes: a NOC Global Community Program (open to students AND non-students!) – May 29-June 10, 2022

This island nation is known for its stunningly varied range of natural landscapes; you’ll understand why when you cruise through the fjords of Milford Sound or ascend the peaks of the Southern Alps. Amid these spectacular untamed settings, you’ll get a taste of the welcoming Kiwi culture. 3 credit hours of international/humanities credit is available to college students and eligible high school concurrent students.

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