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For data on retention and graduation rates, please visit the Institutional Research page under Academics.


Educational assessment has been defined as the process of documenting knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs.  Assessment can focus on the individual learner, the course, the degree program, or the institution.  

For Northern Oklahoma College, assessment follows these principles:

·         All assessment will be guided by institutional mission and institutional goals.

·         Assessment will be the result of collaboration within and between departments, involving as many of the stakeholders as possible.

·         Assessment results will be transparent, both for accountability and for feedback on how Northern can better serve its constituencies.

·         Assessment will never be “finished” because students change, best practices change, and benchmarks met can be set higher.

·         Assessment will not be used for the sake of assessment but for more effective decision making.

·         Both quantitative and qualitative data will be reviewed, as well as direct and indirect measurement tools as needed, for assessment that looks not only at numbers but the impact of decision on students and employees.

Contact Information:


Kathleen Otto Ph.D.

Director of Institutional Research and Assessment580.628.6448