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Northern Oklahoma College recognizes the need for a strong presence in the social media realm. The use of social networking and social media websites are increasingly common for departments, students and employees, and these communication tools have the potential to create a significant impact on organizational and professional reputations. Northern Oklahoma College has developed a social network and social media policy and application process to ensure that any and all interactions on behalf of Northern represent the College’s best interests. The intent of the policy is to properly portray, promote and protect the institution and to assist Northern entities in creating and managing their social media accounts. The policy also provides suggestions on how to protect personal and professional reputations while using social media.

Northern Oklahoma College is using websites, social networking and social media technologies to provide you with information in more places and more ways.

All social networking and social media accounts recognized by Northern Oklahoma College will be listed on this site. Check back often to see who is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.

Below is the list of tools and sites that Northern uses to provide up-to-date information. If a technology is not on the list, it is not presently being used by Northern.

The College reminds its social media guests, however, that these sites are not private and, as with any Internet site, their security cannot be guaranteed. Information guests choose to post on these sites is available to anyone else who visits them. Guests should take this into consideration and use discretion when deciding whether to post personal information about themselves or others on these sites. Use of these sites is voluntary, and any guest using them assumes the risk associated with the use of social networking sites and agrees to release and hold harmless Northern Oklahoma College for any claims, causes of action, or damages that may arise relating to the guest’s use of these sites. The College reserves the right to remove any and all content and comments at its discretion. Any content or comments it deems to be unlawful, spam, and/or threatening against NOC students, faculty, staff, guests, or others or to the College’s network or computing systems will be removed and reported to the site on which the content or comments appeared. Content and comments intended to promote commercial products or services are not permitted under NOC policy and will be removed. Content that violates any College policy will be removed. Comments and content posted by guests do not reflect the positions or opinions of Northern Oklahoma College.