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Academic Degree Programs
Northern Oklahoma College offers three types of degree programs: Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Applied Science. The Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree programs are designed primarily to lead the student toward an associate degree while fulfilling the lower-division course work that is applicable towards a bachelor’s degree. The Associate in Applied Science degree programs are designed to prepare the student for immediate employment upon completion of coursework. For a listing of degrees offered, select “Academic Degree Programs” from the left margin of this page.

Scholars for Excellence in Child Care
The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) Division of Child Care and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education OSRHE) partner to provide a “Scholars for Excellence in Child Care Program” to give child care providers an opportunity to obtain additional credentialing and to pursue a Certificate of Mastery in child development and eventually an Associate degree in child development ( The only program of its kind in the country, this collaboration with the OKDHS has as its goal increasing the quality of child care by enhancing the knowledge and professionalism of the individuals who work in childcare. Partnering with the OSRHE and the OKDHS, Northern provides the necessary coursework for child care workers in the area to participate in the “Scholars for Excellence in Child Care Program.” For more information or contact information about the Scholars for Excellence in Child Care Program, select “Scholars for Excellence” from the left margin of this page.

Project Achieve (TANF)
Designed for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients, the Project Achieve program offers training in computer applications, customer service, life skills, resume preparation, and more. The program provides employment and training skills to TANF recipients so that they may ultimately become members of the workforce and attain self-sufficiency ( ). For more information or contact information about the Project Achieve (TANF) Program, select “Project Achieve” from the left margin of this page.

NOC/OSU Gateway Program
Northern Oklahoma College offers a variety of courses for transfer to Oklahoma State University. Gateway courses transfer as equivalent to specific OSU courses and meet general education requirements just as they would if taken at OSU. Courses regularly offered include freshman composition, American history and government, college algebra, introductory sociology and psychology, speech, and humanities. A joint committee, consisting of faculty representatives from both NOC and OSU, meets periodically to ensure that Gateway Program courses have common learning objectives and prepare students well for later OSU courses. Transfer guides, degree requirement sheets, and ready access to NOC and OSU academic advising offices are available to ensure that Gateway students choose courses that apply to their eventual OSU degree. For more information about the Gateway Program, select “Gateway Program” from the left margin of this page.

NOC-NWOSU Bridge Program
The Bridge Program allows students to be jointly admitted and eligible to enroll concurrently at both Northern Oklahoma College and Northwestern Oklahoma State University, eliminating barriers to attaining educational goals, improving academic program articulation, and expanding options for college services. Students can be admitted to the program at any time that they meet either the freshman or transfer admission criteria of Northwestern, depending on the number of hours of college credit completed at the time of application. Course enrollment, programs, and services for dual students are available based on the semester calendar. Once accepted to the Bridge Program, students may enroll in classes at any NOC Campus in Tonkawa, Enid, or Stillwater, as well as any NWOSU campus in Alva, Enid, or Woodward. Designated academic advisors are available at each campus. For more information about the NOC-NWOSU Bridge Program, select “NOC-NWOSU Bridge Program” from the left margin of this page.