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Shannon Lorg

Sheri Snyder
Vice President Development
Community Relations

Humans of NOC

Humans of NOC is a project inspired by the Humans of New York. Its purpose is to highlight stories of students and employees who have attended or are attending Northern Oklahoma College. From inspirational journeys to campus opportunities, Humans of NOC strives to showcase the variety of people that make up the Northern family.

“I realized that God ordered our steps today. We weren’t really running behind; we were right on time!”

“Not only did I make lifelong friends at NOC, I also met my wonderful husband Jeremy there.”

“She made me feel not so very alone anymore, and when I was 16 she adopted me. My life forever changed!”

“All of my accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without the education I received at Northern Oklahoma College.”

“I gained much more than just a degree from NOC. I gained lifelong friends, mentors and a passion to change the world.”

“These days I try to encourage everyone to not give up on their dreams. If I can do it, anyone can do it!”

“I never imagined when I was a student here at NOC that I would have a career here.”

“Sometimes in life we don’t have all the answers, and our generation definitely shouldn’t think we have to know it all at 20…”

“We spent two months in a refugee camp in Macedonia and then it took us another two months to get to the United States.”

“I knew this would be the end of my professional basketball days, but my heart wanted me to work with kids from this impoverished country.”

“I struggled to find my place in this world and began asking myself the big questions, “Who am I?” “What do I want to be?”

“My calling here on earth is to serve others. What greater service than to serve my country and protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

“I studied till 3 in the morning every night and got up at 6 am to be ready for my classes the next day. It was very difficult, but not impossible!”