Career facts

The Associate in Science degree program in Biological Sciences prepares students to transfer to a four-year university to pursue a bachelor's degree or entry into the field of life science.

Students transferring should consult the catalog from the institution to which they are planning to transfer to carefully select courses that will meet requirements to complete their bachelor's degree.


In addition to the general education requirements, Biological Science students focus on Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Chemistry, and Physics. Electives include Environmental Science, Entomology, Vertebrate Anatomy, Wildlife Conservation, Trigonometry, and Statistics. 


Animal/Plant Production
Dental Assistant
Laboratory Assistant
Veterinarian Assistant
Wildlife Production

Options are available in Pre-Medicine and Pre-Pharmacy.

Who is a good fit?

Biology is a good choice for students who like to study living things.  Biology students set up experiments and use lab equipment. Students gather, organize and analyze data and share results orally, through written reports, charts, and graphs. Biology majors learn scientific terminology and critical thinking skills, and they must be detail-oriented. 

2016-2025 OK labor market projections

Animal Scientists - Bachelor's Degree
Median Salary - $26.49/hr.
Growth - 0%
10 year change in jobs - 0

Food Scientists - Bachelor's Degree
Median Salary - $24.76/hr.
Growth - 1%
10 year change in jobs - 1

Agriculture and Food Science Technician - Associate Degree
Median Salary - $16.05/hr.
Growth - 7%
10 year change in jobs - 24

Dietitians and Nutritionists - Bachelor's Degree
Median Salary - $24.96/hr.
Growth - 15%
10 year change in jobs - 120