Math Division


The Division of Mathematics prepares students for a variety of fields, including pre-medicine, mathematics, pre-engineering, chemistry and physics. The analytical and critical thinking skills gained will help students throughout their lives regardless of their specific field.  The division also works with industries and career technology institutions in north central Oklahoma to aid technical education efforts. Northern graduates have an outstanding record of performance at four-year institutions in the state.

Cassie Firth [email]
Math Division, Chair


The Math and Engineering Division on the Enid campus is dedicated to help you realize your educational goals.  It may be that you need to prepare for college-level mathematics through our developmental courses.  Perhaps you need just one math or physical science course to meet your degree program requirements.  Or maybe you are interested in an Associates Degree in Mathematics, Astronomy, Aviation, Pre-Pharmacy, or Pre-Medicine – all degree programs that you can complete here on the Enid campus.  Whatever the case, our experienced faculty and adjunct instructors are committed to get to know you personally and help you succeed in both the classroom and also in your future endeavors.

Harmon Science Building is the heart of our division.  Most of our classes are taught in Harmon Science (HS is our abbreviation) and many faculty have their offices located there.  In between classes, please come visit our student lounge in HS 112, it usually is a lively place where students like to hang out and chat.  Across the hall in HS 113 is our Math and Science Lab.  Our lab is open from 8 AM to 9:30 PM and is a designated study area for all students.  We do offer FREE tutoring for many math and science courses in HS 113.  Please check out the schedule below for hours the tutors are available (updated each semester).  They are friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help you be successful in your math and science courses!

Kristi Orr, Enid Campus Liaison