Investing in the Future

Founded in 1916 by alumnus A. Ray Smith, the NOC Foundation, Inc. was first incorporated in 1961 under the direction of attorney Bob Colombe. In June of 1963, the organization began its first year of operation with NOJC Foundation President Lin Trueblood. Other committee leaders that year included Harold Weigle, Glen Strange, Mac Bradley, and Lowell Doggett. Editor of the Crimson Rambler was Mac Bradley.

Private scholarships, loan funds, and a growing endowment fund are available to aid students of today as well as students of tomorrow, but possibilities for private dollars to keep Northern Oklahoma College on the “edge of excellence” are endless.

The benefits of having a two-year college in north central Oklahoma have not diminished over Northern’s 107 year history; neither have the needs of students or the communities it serves. Benefits of private funding will continue to grow as well.

Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of the Northern Oklahoma College Foundation shall be to enhance the educational opportunities and the environment of Northern Oklahoma College. The Foundation is organized exclusively for the benefit of the educational, literacy and scientific activities of the college, chartered under the constitution and laws of the State of Oklahoma. The principal function of Northern Oklahoma College Foundation, Inc. is to promote Northern Oklahoma College and the welfare of its programs and students by providing scholarships, loans and other awards as deemed appropriate.

During the year ending June 30, 2008, the Foundation awarded $88,962.45 in scholarships to 126 recipients on the Tonkawa, Enid and Stillwater campuses in addition to $3,838.00 in loans to 20 students on the Tonkawa campus. Several new scholarships established this past year will benefit even more students in achieving their educational goals.

 Sheri Snyder Sheri Snyder
Vice President Development & Community Relations

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