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Board of Trustees

The Northern Oklahoma College Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established in 1961. In June of 1963, the organization began its first year of operation. The property, affairs, and business of the Foundation shall be managed and controlled by its Board of Trustees, provided, however, that:

  1. The Foundation may fund only those projects consistent with its purpose, moreover, capital projects must be approved by the College Board of Regents. Any amendment of the Foundation Bylaws requires approval by action of a majority of Foundation Trustees and by a majority of the Board of Regents of Northern Oklahoma College, and
  2. Selection of “Trustees at Large” to serve as Foundation Trustees requires approval by the Board of Regents.

These linkages between the Foundation Board of Trustees and The Board of Regents of Northern Oklahoma College are intended to promote and ensure a continuing commonality of purpose and action, effective inter-organizational communication and optimal coordination of activities.

The Foundation accepts, manages, invests, and distributes private philanthropic support needed to fund the programs, projects, scholarships, equipment, and grants to help the College achieve its strategic goals.

The Foundation is governed by an independent board of trustees.

Trustees – Northern Oklahoma College Regents, Administrators, and Support Staff:

Trustees – Community Leaders