Amendments Procedure

SECTION ONE:  Proposed Amendments May be Brought Before the Senate by
  • A. A signed petition of twenty (20) percent of the Student Body. 
  • B. Any member of the Student Senate who may present an amendment to the constitution at a regular meeting or special meeting of the Senate.
SECTION TWO:  Action on an Amendment 
  • Action on a proposed amendment to the constitution shall be considered by the Student Senate at the next regular meeting.
SECTION THREE:  Amendment Approval
  • A proposed amendment to the constitution must be approved by two-thirds of the votes cast by the Student Body.
SECTION FOUR:  Amendment Published
  • The proposed amendment shall be published in the official school paper at least one week prior to the voting date.
SECTION FIVE:  Administration Approval
  • Following approval by the Student Body, the amendment shall be presented to the administration of the college and will become incorporated into the constitution upon administration approval.