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Powers and Duties of the Student Senate

SECTION ONE:  Campus Committees

  • The Student Senate has the power to appoint any campus committees it shall deem necessary to accomplish its official and assigned function.

SECTION TWO:  Campus Activities

  • A. The Student Senate shall be the governing power over student activities.
  • B. All student-oriented activities must be approved through the Senate by petition submitted one week in advance of the activity.

SECTION THREE:  Assistance to the Administration

  • The Student Senate members shall hold themselves available to give assistance to the administration whenever requested to do so.

SECTION FOUR:  Elections

  • The Student Senate shall have the power to administer yearly campus-wide elections to offices covered in this constitution.

SECTION FIVE:  Financing

  • The Senate shall sponsor, with consent of the administration, such activities and collect such fees as it shall deem necessary for financing its general student activities.

SECTION SIX:  Power and Responsibilities

  • The Student Senate shall assume any other powers and/or responsibilities mutually agreed upon by the administration of the school and the Student Senate provided such are, or become, incorporated as amendments of the constitution and by-laws.


  • A. With the approval of the Student Senate, the Student Senate president can create any committees deemed necessary to accomplish the legitimate purpose and functions of the Student Senate.
  • B. Committee members shall be appointed by the Student Senate president to serve at the pleasure of the appointing officer for a period no longer than his/her term of office.
  • C. Any committees so named and established can be abolished by a two-thirds vote of the quorum.

SECTION EIGHT:  Meetings of the Senate

  • A. The Student Senate shall hold regular meetings once each week of the academic year.
  • B. The Senate shall have the responsibility of setting up the meeting time.
  • C. Any variation from the normal meeting time shall be announced by the secretary to the members at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the contemplated change.
  • D. Special meetings shall be called by the president and/or the advisor of the Senate. Twelve (12) hours prior notice must be given for these meetings.

SECTION NINE:  Attendance

  • A. Attendance at all meetings shall be mandatory unless the member is excused by a notice given to the secretary of the Senate prior to said meetings.
  • B. Three (3) unexcused absences per semester will automatically put the member under Article VI, Section I.
  • C. A vote of two-thirds of the total membership of the Senate shall be required under Article VI, Section I.