Grant Development

The Academic Affairs Office assists Northern Oklahoma College faculty, staff and administrators in the preparation of proposals and other grant-related documents for submission to funding agencies including federal and state agencies, corporations and foundations. Without the dedication and persistence of our employees, NOC would not be able to secure grant funds that enhance, expand and improve the many programs needed to assist its students in fulfilling their dreams of a college education. NOC recognizes and appreciates the enthusiasm and hard work of proposal development that create competitive applications.

The grants coordinator is available to assist faculty and staff with the grant writing process. Working together, funding opportunities can be found that best suit the needs of the program or project. Help is available to create a clearly written proposal that compiles a comprehensive proposal package that is compliant with college policy and the funding agency's regulations.

Click the following link to view the NOC grant submission process

Centralized Grants Files

The Academic Affairs Office is responsible for the maintenance of complete grant program files. This office will manage the institutional grants database using Microsoft Access to maintain a central repository of past successful and unsuccessful proposals for reference, accuracy, and flexibility for future reporting. It is the responsibility of all principal investigators, program directors and other staff and faculty to ensure that a copy of all correspondence and grant related documents is provided to the grants coordinator for inclusion in the centralized grant files. For more information, please contact the grants coordinator at 580-628-6399.

Workshops and Training Opportunities

A training workshop is held periodically from the Coordinator for Grants Writing with the Oklahoma State Regents Higher Education. This workshop is designed for persons who have not written a grant proposal or who want to write a grant proposal soon. The process of writing a grant will be covered. Participants will actually write and critique their grant in the workshop. There is no fee for this workshop. If you are interested in attending a workshop, call the NOC grant coordinator for more details

Grants Committee

The purpose of the Grants Committee is to identify funding opportunities and coordinate efforts to submit grant applications for the development of programs in academics, student services and other areas as needed. It is the duty of the committee to ensure that grant proposals are in line with the mission of the institution. This committee, made up of representatives from all campuses, will convene to view the Proposal Planning Sheets. The committee will meet frequently as it is the nature of grants to have prompt deadlines. Ex-Officio members will attend meetings to provide guidance on institutional policies and budget details.