Service Learning

Service learning at Northern Oklahoma College connects community partners with NOC students, faculty, and staff. Our mission is to complement the traditional aims of higher education with principles of active and responsible citizenship through service-learning and volunteer outreach. Whether you are a student looking for service opportunities, faculty who wish to incorporate service learning into coursework, or an organization in need of volunteers, we are here to serve you.  For more information, contact Dr. Rae Ann Kruse, 580.628.6341 or

NOC Mass Comm Student Broadcasts Area Games

If you want to find Lee Drake at a Northern Oklahoma College basketball game, he will be on the court, but Drake is not a member of the team. He provides the play-by-play for KAYE 90.7.

Lee loves to be behind the microphone at sporting events. Drake commented, “I really enjoy the games just because I love sports and I love having the opportunity to broadcast them.” He also provided the on-air commentary for Tonkawa Buccaneer football last fall.

Drake, a Ponca City native, graduated from PCHS in 2015 and will graduate from NOC in May. He plans to transfer to OSU and start the fall semester as a Media and Strategic Communications major.

Lee credits Dean Pearcy, the Mass Communications broadcasting faculty member, with helping him improve. “Mr. Pearcy has done a great deal to help me better my broadcast and journalism skills,” Lee shared.

Dean Pearcy, NOC Mass Communications faculty member explained, “KAYE is focused on serving the community and live sports broadcasts for high school and college sports is a great way to do just that. Our listeners understand the students are learning as they go and might make mistakes now and then. Our listeners are supportive of students like Lee who are getting hands-on experience while doing something they enjoy.”

Lee volunteers to work the 18 home NOC basketball games to gain on-air experience. Mr. Pearcy went on to say, “Lee eats, sleeps, and breathes sports so he is good on the mic. His country drawl adds a unique flavor to his broadcasts and our listeners enjoy him.”

Dr. Rae Ann Kruse, Dean of Academic Services said, “What Lee is doing used to be called on-the-job training. Now it is called service learning. Service learning combines academics and community service, which benefits the student and the local community. NOC is fortunate to have students who value earning work experience while they attend college.”  

Lee sat in with Casey Kendrick and Kevin Gum on February 15, 2017 to observe their on-the-air styles at the OSU women's basketball game, pictured above.  

Andrea Balay wins 2016 Newman Civic Fellow Award

Dr. Cheryl Evans' Letter of Recommendation for 2016 Newman Civic Fellows Recipient Andrea Balay--

Andrea Balay, a Northern Oklahoma College sophomore mathematics major, shares her passion for learning with students of all ages. Andrea's involvement began in 2013 as a substitute teacher in Ringwood, Oklahoma, and continued as an AmeriCorps volunteer at the elementary school where she helped improve students' reading and math skills, assisting teachers, and conducting summer school for kindergarten-4th grade. Andrea continues offering tutoring services for grade school math, science and reading, as well as tutoring high school students in algebra and trigonometry. Andrea tutors in the NOC math lab and works for the math division assisting NOC faculty members with math boot camp-a fast-track remedial course. Since 2014, Andrea has compiled over 100 hours of free tutoring by volunteering two days per week at the Community Development Support Association in Enid. At CDSA, Andrea tutors math and physics to low-income, unemployed students enrolled in the YouthBuild program. This busy mother of four still finds time to support and encourage student success in multiple areas. Andrea provides 24-hour a day math support to NOC students as well as coordinates on- and off-campus study groups. In addition, Andrea is an active volunteer at her church and in her community.

Andrea received a $500 scholarship, recognition from the OK State Regents for Higher Education, and was one of four Oklahoma students to attend the National Convening at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Massachusetts in November, 2016. 


NOC Mass Comm Students Gaining Experience

Three Northern Oklahoma College mass communication majors are job shadowing this semester with VYPE magazine. Colton Shultz, Lee Drake, and Marcus Powell are getting hands-on experience writing sports articles for the northwest Oklahoma high school sports magazine.

Lee has had two articles published by VYPE. After writing the articles, he submits them to his mass communications instructor, Scott Haywood, who forwards them to VYPE.

Marcus has had an article published in VYPE about the Maverick women’s soccer team and is working on an article about a member of the Enid men’s basketball team. Colton is waiting on his first assignment from VYPE.

Mr. Haywood said, “This is a great opportunity for our students. Not only are they receiving recognition for their writing in a state-wide publication, but they are preparing themselves for a future in journalism.”

The students receive credit for the articles and are building portfolios for their future careers. All three are focused on sports journalism, but Lee and Marcus are also interested in sports broadcasting. Lee and Marcus provide play-by-play area high school games on KAYE radio and will be the voices of Maverick basketball this season.

Roscoe Migliore, Sales Director for VYPE magazine, said, “The students are doing a great job for us. They have shown a lot of professionalism. VYPE loves working with students and giving them a chance to do some work they can put on a resume.”

The three students also write sports articles for NOC’s newspaper, The Maverick. Lee writes articles about the men’s basketball teams in Tonkawa and Enid, Colton writes for the baseball team, and Marcus writes for the women’s soccer team and special sports assignments.

Colton Shultz is a graduate of Blackwell High School. Lee Drake and Marcus Powell are graduates of Ponca City High School.

Dr. Rae Ann Kruse, Dean of Academic Services, said, “It is a win-win situation for our students and businesses to work together. The student earn real-world experience at little or no cost to area businesses. The students make crucial networking connections and the employers groom the next generation of workers.” For information about sponsoring a job shadowing student at NOC, contact Dr. Kruse at 580.628.6341.

NOC Student Begins Work for Regent Tom Dugger

Cody AscheIn this world nothing is certain but death and taxes. Thanks, Benjamin Franklin. Eleven months until the next tax day. You have plenty of time to wait until the last minute.

All joking aside, Certified Public Accountants work countless hours, especially in the spring, preparing tax returns, bookkeeping, and helping businesses and individuals plan and reach their financial goals.

Cody Asche, a recent Northern Oklahoma College graduate, has begun a part-time job with Dugger & Co. CPA PC in Stillwater, Okla.

“I have been given the opportunity to do everything that is typically done in the firm. I will be a tax preparer, working closely with Mr. Dugger, the only CPA in the office. So far, I have been trained to do bookkeeping, and I have already completed a tax return for a client,” Asche said.

Tom Dugger, the president, is also serving on the Board of Regents at Northern Oklahoma College.

“Established in 1986, the CPA firm practices tax and financial accounting for all types of entities except governmental accounting. The firm has mostly central Oklahoma clients, but has provided accounting assistance to clients in China and South Korea,” Dugger said.

Asche was introduced to Dugger at the Presidents Leadership Council and Regent luncheon his freshman year.

“Regent Dugger’s firm does not post internships or even have a website. I asked him if he would be interested in taking me on as an intern after graduation,” Asche said.

Accounting is very challenging. No two days are seldom the same, so you constantly have to continue to learn and adapt to new situations. Accountants are required to use a great deal of professional judgment to make appropriate decisions. Held to a high standard, many outside entities review their work to help ensure reliability.

“Cody’s resume reflects positive achievement and I personally observed him be involved in several NOC PLC events. His attitude and desire are most positive characteristics,” Dugger said.

Accountants tend to work in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment. Accounting information is very time sensitive and needs to be processed in a timely fashion. Most of the work requires individuals to work as a team.

 “I am hoping to gain on-the-job training in the areas of accounting and tax preparation through this internship. So far, I believe I will get exactly what I need,” Asche said.

NOC Student Takes Job as Summer Ranger

By Jennifer Smith
May 13, 2016

Carson CombestBeing a park ranger is more than helping Smokey the Bear prevent forest fires.

NOC Enid social science student Carson Combest will take a job as a summer ranger with the United States Army Corps of Engineers at Kaw Lake.

Combest, an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, was introduced to the job through one of his instructors.

Combest’s supervisor and lead ranger of the Kaw Lake Project, Dakota Allison, will direct Combest in collecting data, operating equipment and communicating with the general public.

“Carson will have a variety of duties to assist the operation and maintenance of the Kaw Lake Project, but specifically his responsibility is to patrol the project land and waters to ensure regulation compliance, public safety, environmental protection, and to assist the visiting public,” Allison said.

The Kaw Lake Project is a pipeline project for flood control, water supply, water quality, recreation and fish and wildlife.

The pipeline project is expected to be completed within the next five to seven years, according to the City of Enid website. Currently, phase one of the pipeline project is underway.

Park rangers, who generally work for municipal parks departments, state park systems or for the nation park service may have job duties that encompass law enforcement or protective services.

“I hope to gain life skills and experience from a job that has always been on my list of dream jobs. This will allow me to use my training as an Eagle Scout and as a current EMT student to better help those using the lake and its areas,” Combest said.

Combest’s education at NOC Enid and his Scouts appointment has helped him prepare for the ranger assignment and future jobs.

“We hope all of our temporary employees take away an understanding of the Corps mission and the value we serve to the nation,” Allison said.

For more information about internships or service learning opportunities, call Dr. Rae Ann Kruse at 580.628.6341.

Next time you visit a state park or lake, know that a lot of behind the scenes work is put in to keeping those areas clean, safe and protected for you and your family.

And remember, only you can prevent forest fires.

Civic Engagement in Action at Northern Oklahoma College