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Lee Drake Mass Comm Service Learning

If you want to find Lee Drake at a Northern Oklahoma College basketball game, he will be on the court, but Drake is not a member of the team. He provides the play-by-play for KAYE 90.7.

Lee loves to be behind the microphone at sporting events. Drake commented, “I really enjoy the games just because I love sports and I love having the opportunity to broadcast them.” He also provided the on-air commentary for Tonkawa Buccaneer football last fall.

Drake, a Ponca City native, graduated from PCHS in 2015 and will graduate from NOC in May. He plans to transfer to OSU and start the fall semester as a Media and Strategic Communications major.

Lee credits Dean Pearcy, the Mass Communications broadcasting faculty member, with helping him improve. “Mr. Pearcy has done a great deal to help me better my broadcast and journalism skills,” Lee shared.

Dean Pearcy, NOC Mass Communications faculty member explained, “KAYE is focused on serving the community and live sports broadcasts for high school and college sports is a great way to do just that. Our listeners understand the students are learning as they go and might make mistakes now and then. Our listeners are supportive of students like Lee who are getting hands-on experience while doing something they enjoy.”

Lee volunteers to work the 18 home NOC basketball games to gain on-air experience. Mr. Pearcy went on to say, “Lee eats, sleeps, and breathes sports so he is good on the mic. His country drawl adds a unique flavor to his broadcasts and our listeners enjoy him.”

Dr. Rae Ann Kruse, Dean of Academic Services said, “What Lee is doing used to be called on-the-job training. Now it is called service learning. Service learning combines academics and community service, which benefits the student and the local community. NOC is fortunate to have students who value earning work experience while they attend college.”