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Davis Receives 2017 Newman Civic Fellows Award

Katherine (Katie) Davis is a sophomore Biology/Zoology major at Northern Oklahoma College. Katie shares her passion for science with students of all ages. Katie is president of the science club and develops age-appropriate science experiments for local elementary school students. She leads science club members in presentations which bring science to life by creating gummy bear explosions and gauging surface tension using milk and food coloring. Last fall, Katie completed a veterinary medicine internship. During her internship, the local FFA teacher contacted her supervising veterinarian and asked that they perform a cosmetic dehorning on two kid goats that are show animals. Katie assisted in the dehorning process and donated her time to the student owners, the teacher, and the school system. NOC considers Katie an asset inside and outside of the classroom. Katie tutors in our science lab, volunteers as a faculty assistant advancing scientific research, and prepares the media for microbiology labs and assists during lab procedures. Outside of the classroom, Katie is president of the President’s Leadership Council and leads many community service activities. Katie uses her passion for science and volunteerism to support educational and humanitarian efforts in our community.

–Dr. Cheryl Evans, President