Garrett Richard Baker

Upward Bound, Northern Oklahoma College Enid

“Upward Bound showed me so many things that gave me an advantage in life, and they did it with the utmost care for my future. I was always greeted with a big smile and a helping hand. Upward Bound helped me pave a strong foundation for my future by teaching me things like how to manage my money, receive scholarships, network for future jobs, and most importantly always strive for something higher.  I have made many life-long friends through the Upward Bound program, and to this day the faculty is still there with that same big smile and helping hands. I never dreamed I would be doing the things I loved so much as a job, but that realization becomes clearer each and every day. All of this wouldn’t be possible without Upward Bound and all of the amazing people there.”

Associate’s Degree, Digital Media and Design, Northern Oklahoma College Tonkawa

Jacob Leachman

Upward Bound, Northern Oklahoma College Enid

“I graduated debt-free and that’s important to me. I plan on getting my bachelor’s degree and also doing the same thing. Upward Bound follows members through the process of preparing for and attending college. It’s nice to have them as mentors through the program, helping you look for scholarships. That’s a really good, solid base.”

Registered Nursing Degree, Northern Oklahoma College Enid

Stormie Nicole McDonald

Upward Bound, Northern Oklahoma College Enid

“Upward Bound showed me that I can accomplish any dream I have.”

Associate’s Degree, Behavioral Science, Northern Oklahoma College Enid

Danielle Marie Stoneberg

Upward Bound, Northern Oklahoma College Enid

“When I started the program, I never imagined being blessed with the vast amount of opportunities, skill sets or networking that I have. Being in Upward Bound not only taught me a lot about myself, it also encouraged me to follow dreams that I might never have attempted to follow. Through Upward Bound I have been able to meet people and travel to places that have helped shape me into the driven individual I am today. The one thing that has really helped me since joining the program is still having the ladies from Upward Bound in my life. Even though I graduated almost four years ago, they are constantly checking on me to see how my classes are going or asking if there is anything they can do. When you are a first-generation college student and no one in your family can really understand the struggles that come with classes or having to study for big exams, it’s nice to know that I can still come back to them for support and advice. "I currently work with the UCO Criminal Justice Department to do my research on methamphetamine with Dr. Shukla. I aspire to earn my Master’s degree in either psychology or criminal justice.”

Bachelor’s Degree, Psychology, minors in Criminal Justice and Sociology, spring 2015, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond

Nubia Ramirez Torres

Upward Bound, Northern Oklahoma College Enid

“You get a sense of college while you’re in high school, and that sense helps prepare you. It’s like an extra parent who pushes you to go to college.

“I’m now enrolled at Northwestern Oklahoma State University Enid and am pursing my Bachelor’s degree to work in international business administration.”

Associate’s Degree, Business Administration, Northern Oklahoma College Enid

Odessa Michelle Whitmire

Upward Bound, Northern Oklahoma College Enid

“Upward Bound expanded my horizons beyond the small town where I lived. It helped me blossom. Now I’m confident. My leadership skills are much better than what they were. Upward Bound taught us responsibility because we were responsible for ourselves.

“I am now enrolled at Northwestern Oklahoma State University Enid an am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I plan to become a second grade teacher.”

Associate’s Degree, Education, Northern Oklahoma College Enid