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Upward Bound History

Fast Facts

  • Since 1964 more than 2 million students have participated in Upward Bound.
  • In 1964, 17 Pilot programs were funded, 2,061 students participated.
  • In 1964, approximately 1,500 Upward Bound students graduated high school; 80% were admitted to college in 1965 and 69% graduated with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Today, 964 programs are funded with more than 80,000 students participating.
  • The likelihood of Upward Bound students going to college immediately after graduation increases by persistence in the program from 77% at two years to 93% at three or more years.
  • A student from top quartile of family income is nine times more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than a student born into the bottom quartile – 73.3% compared to 8.3%.
  • Upward Bound has some well known alumni.
    • Oprah Winfrey
    • Angela Basset – actress
    • Viola Davis – actress
    • John Quinones – ABC News correspondent
    • Donna Brazile – political strategist