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Intramurals – Tonkawa Campus

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The Intramural Program at Northern Oklahoma College is designed to offer all students fun and safe activities during the school year.  Intramurals are a great way to meet other students and build lifelong friendships as well as get some exercise.
The success of the Intramural Program depends on you the student.  So, whether you are looking to compete in a sport that you have played before, or trying a new sport for the fun of it, give the Intramural Program a try.

I hope you have a great year and enjoy all of the activities at Northern Oklahoma College.

Renna Bowers
Wellness Center Student Activities Coordinator


Q. Who is eligible to play?
A. Any student who is currently enrolled at NOC can participate in the Intramural Sports Program.

Q. What sports do you offer?
A. Fall Leagues include flag football and volleyball.
B. Spring Leagues include 5 vs 5 basketball and co-ed softball.

Q. How do I register?
A. Apply online. (See below)

Q. How much does it cost?
A. There is no cost for students involved in NOC’s Intramural Sports Program


1. Intramural sports are open to all Northern Oklahoma College students.

2. NOC varsity athletes are ineligible to compete in the sport in which they play competitively. Varsity athletes must first check with their coach to play in any intramural sports.

3. A player may represent only one team in a sport per season.

4. Any team using an ineligible player must forfeit any games in which the player participated.

5. Individuals participate in the intramural program at their own risk.

6. All students should have a medical examination and be deemed physically fit for competition before participation in intramural activities.  Northern Oklahoma College and the Athletic Department disclaim any responsibility in case of injury.

7. Each individual or team captain must turn in an official online entry form (see below) prior to the date set for close of entries. Students can be added to the roster, but this must be done before the second game.
8. Teams or individuals arriving more than five minutes late for any competition without previous notification will forfeit the competition.  If both teams fail to arrive without notice it will count as a loss against both teams. If a team has to forfeit two games they are disqualified for the remainder of the season.

9. Any individual who exhibits flagrant misconduct or unsportsman like conduct may be suspended from intramurals for the rest of the year.

10. Games canceled due to inclement weather, or scheduling conflict may not be made up.

Flag Football

5 vs 5 Basketball
Co-ed Softball