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2024 NOC Interscholastic Contest

We are excited to announce that the Northern Oklahoma College Interscholastic Contest will be held on Wednesday, April 3, 2024.  This contest has a long history of highlighting students’ academic skills. The contest will include at least 32 different academic areas ranging from English, history, science and business and many more. Best of all … the NOC Interscholastic Contest is FREE – no entry fee is required. Deadline to enter will be Friday, March 29th.

The exam times will be 11:30 am, 12:40 pm and 1:50 pm on April 3rd. The 2024 contest policies, exam descriptions, exam times and the entry form will be updated in the fall semester of 2023 are provided in the links on this page. So check back with us in the fall!!! Awards winners are posted to our website within one week of the contest’s conclusion.  Medals, scholarships, or certificates of merit, will be distributed either in person (if requested) or mailed to participating schools.