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Mass Communications

Career facts

The Associate in Arts degree in Mass Communications prepares students to transfer to four-year colleges to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

The degree is designed to give valuable knowledge and experience in the various fields of the modern media, from radio and television broadcasting to journalism and advertising, offering several real-life opportunities for students to hone their skills.

Students have the opportunity to work on the school newspaper, school radio station, or local television studios and participate in internships.


In addition to the general education requirements, Mass Comm students focus on Writing for Mass Media, News Reporting, Principles of Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, Television Production, and Speech.


Information Specialist
Media/Public Relations
News Reporter/Writer
On-Air Broadcast Talent
Sports Reporter
Technical Writer

Who is a good fit? describes mass communication professionals as having a sense for what is newsworthy and being able to communicate it clearly and logically through the written and spoken word. Sharp reading and comprehension skills are essential, as well as creativity, curiosity, accuracy, diplomacy, and perseverance. Physical and emotional stamina is also required to deal with pressing deadlines, irregular hours, and dangerous assignments.

2016-2025 OK labor market projections

Editors – Bachelor’s Degree
Median Salary – $20.30/hr.
Growth – 3%
10 year change in jobs – 29

Reporters and Correspondents – Bachelor’s Degree
Median Salary – $15.40/hr.
Growth – 3%
10 year change in jobs – 15

Technical Writers- Bachelor’s Degree
Median Salary – $29.21/hr.
Growth – 10%
10 year change in jobs – 43

Professional organizations

Society of Collegiate Journalists

Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association

Oklahoma Press Association