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NOC Internships

Ponca City Police Department – Aaliah Johnson

Aaliah Johnson describes her internship with the Ponca City Police Department ....I did my internship with the Ponca City Police Department where I met many people, witnessed many things and some of these things scared me. My internship helped me learn many things...

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Ponca City Police Department – Tierra Flores

Tierra Flores shares her account of working with the Ponca City Police Department ...The police department is in the most troublesome neighborhood in Ponca City. The address of the station is 200 E Oklahoma Ave. It is in downtown Ponca City. I did ride-alongs...

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NOC Sheep Centter

AJ Horback describes her experience as the Ag program intern below:"My experience interning at the sheep center has been nothing less than fun. Working alongside Mr. Cardwell and the other sheep center employees brought me a head full of knowledge and some forever...

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Office of Juvenile Affairs – Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez, NOC Criminal Justice student, describes his internship experience......"The internship I have agreed to take on is with the Office of Juvenile Affairs. I was eager to take on this internship because I have been thinking about doing this specific...

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