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Travis Craig Business Internship

Operating budgets, capital expenditure forecasts, and crude oil logistics are some of the highlights of Travis Craig’s educational experience this semester. Craig is completing a Northern Oklahoma College internship with JP Energy in San Angelo, Texas.

Craig, an Enid native and Business Administration major at NOC, spends his days overseeing the daily operations of crude oil gathering, storage, transportation, and marketing.

Travis credits the internship with putting his economics classes into a daily work perspective. Craig said, “The internship is only a small piece of my degree, but overall my degree will solidify all my previous years of practical experience.”

In addition to Travis’ field supervisor job at JP Energy, he interns for the Vice President of Operations, Kevin Canaday. Mr. Canaday said, “Travis took on extra duties during the internship to assist and learn our corporate budgeting process. I’m extremely satisfied with the continual development of Travis as a leader for our company.”

While Craig is working in west Texas, he is completing his NOC coursework online. He believes, “If you find something you're passionate about, follow through with it and eventually everything else will fall into place.”

After graduation Craig plans to continue his career in the energy industry, specifically in a higher level management position.

Dr. Rae Ann Kruse, Dean of Academic Services helps NOC students obtain and complete internships. Kruse said, “It is exciting to assist students in combining their coursework with real-world work experience. Companies look for graduates who have work experience and NOC helps provide that opportunity.” For additional information on providing an internship opportunity, please contact Dr. Kruse at 580.628.6341.