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NOC Student Completing Internship with Sheriff’s Department

Dariel Momsen has worked for the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office for nine years so it might seem unusual that he is completing a Northern Oklahoma College internship with the Sheriff’s Department.

Momsen wanted an opportunity to learn something outside of his daily routine so he applied for an internship. Sheriff Jerry Niles assigned Momsen several community-involvement activities. Sheriff Niles said, “Our department focuses on customer service. We discuss that it is not about the lights, and sirens, and guns. My staff goes the extra mile. It’s always about customer service.”

This semester, Dariel put together a Polar Plunge team that raised over $1,500 for Special Olympics. Momsen even recruited the youngest “plunger” at the March 4 event, five-year old Marlee Delaney.

Later this month, Momsen is partnering with Prevention Workz, a nonprofit organization. He will man a booth at Picnic for Progress and pass out items for children, drug prevention materials, and domestic violence information. There will be a drop box for the public to properly dispose of prescription drugs.

Officer Momsen is also working with Prevention Workz to conduct alcohol compliance checks with the goal of limiting youth access to alcohol. He will partner with Prevention Workz and the ABLE commission to educate people who sell alcohol about Oklahoma alcohol laws and how to properly check identification.

Momsen said, “This internship is great. It allowed me to get more involved with the community. The internship gives me the best of both worlds–‘hands on’ experiences and book knowledge.”

Momsen is a Criminal Justice major who is on track to complete his criminal justice associate degree in May 2018. After graduation, he plans to take advantage of the NOC/NWOSU Bridge program and obtain his BS.

Deputy Momsen enjoys earning college credit while working full time and learning new job skills.