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NOC Enid Student Completes Internship

Northern Oklahoma College Enid pre-engineering major Jacob Pekrul recently completed an internship with Envirotech in Enid. His internship provided hands-on training in civil engineering and environmental consulting.

“This has been one of the greatest opportunities I have ever had,” Pekrul said. “I got great real world experience with projects I might actually be in charge of someday. I am seeing the math and science classes that I have taken be put to use.”

He added, “I gained more skills in programs such as AutoCAD and Excel that will help me tremendously in the future. Overall this internship helped me realize what I really want to do and got my foot in the door for my future career.”

Pekrul collected data and helped write geotechnical and environmental reports. He used his new AutoCAD software skills to design pit-lining sites and collected information for drilling and pond survey projects in the field.

Pekrul, who graduated from NOC this spring, plans to attend Oklahoma State University in the fall and pursue a degree in civil engineering. In the meantime, Envirotech has hired him to work through the summer.

During the semester, he learned “a lot more goes into building something than just the construction. There is a lot of preliminary work that needs to be done.” He continued, “I like working on projects and knowing the work I do is being sent out. It makes me feel good having a hand in completing projects. This internship made me realize I’m in the right career field.”

Pekrul praised his supervisor, Envirotech vice president Tyler Williams, for explaining each project, describing how to accomplish the task and making it easy to ask questions.

A 2015 Kremlin-Hillsdale High School graduate from Goltry, Pekrul also worked at NOC Enid as a tutor in the math tutoring center and was a member of the Jets band.

Dr. Rae Ann Kruse, NOC dean of academic services, encourages businesses to host internships. “We are looking for business, criminal justice, mass communications and pre-engineering companies to sponsor our driven, engaged and talented students. They are ready and willing to work for companies and organizations so they will be prepared to transfer to four-year institutions or go directly into the workforce,” says Kruse. For more information about NOC internships, contact Kruse at 580.628.6341.