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NOC Digital Media Institute; The Power to Create

Brad Matson heads the NOC Digital Media Institute Program.

Want to be part of the Creation Station of Imagination?

Northern Oklahoma College, under the tutelage of instructor Brad Matson, offers a Digital Media Institute (DMI) Program for students interested in computer animation and design.

“The DMI program is designed to examine the latest technologies and techniques used in professional animation and design and bring that experience into our classroom,” Matson said. “We offer a comprehensive curriculum that can help students gain digital design and animation skills as well as experience in the real-world production environment,”

“The DMI program redefines reality by focusing on specific methods used to transform ideas and concepts of digital media into creative digital portfolios and demo reels that show the skills needed for today’s competitive employment environment,” he added. “After graduation from the Digital Media Institute the students will have the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate their ideas through the art of advanced computer graphics in order to gain entry-level work and employment that could offer greater challenges in gaming, motion graphics, visual effects, and video/film production.”

“DMI’s educational experience in animation and digital media can lead to jobs in several industries,” Matson said. “In the entertainment industry, job offerings exist in video game asset creation, broadcast design, visual effects, video, and digital film production. Other job opportunities are in the fields of government, healthcare, military, and industrial professions with simulations and animations, advertising, communications, and marketing: commercial spots, bumpers, rebranding, social media promotions, station identity and corporate identity. DMI sits at the forefront of educational experiences. We are the only school in the expanded Midwest that houses a sixty (60) seat render farm, the biggest arsenal of industry software, and emerging technologies that are included in the new course of DMI’s curriculum: motion capture, projection mapping, testing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies, 3D printing for ABS and PLA Filament, and drone video creation.”

“There are several companies that contact me when they have a position to fill, so the opportunity is there,” Matson said. “CVW Media in Norman has several DMI graduates working for them. Kevin Hanley, CEO of CVW Media, loves the creativity and the work ethic of DMI students, so he hires some of my students. Pluralsight, formerly known as Digital-Tutors, world-wide leader in online media currently has numerous graduates employed at the studio.”

Matson graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1988 where he studied film making and video productions. He has worked in the media field for the past 30 years with TV studios, film companies, Assistant Director for the Breckenridge Film Festival, Digital Tutors, Worked on scenes from Hollywood films (Dumb and Dumber, Christmas Vacation) commercial work for Remington Park, RSI, AT&T and Cingular. Matson is also the Founder and CEO of an International digital media company, ITG-Creative, where he hires DMI Graduates to create digital content.

Initial applications for DMI can be found at:

Please contact Matson at or 580.628.6458 for questions about DMI at NOC.