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NOC Fine Arts presents “The Summoning of Everyman” Sept. 24-27

The Northern Oklahoma College Fine Arts Division is presenting “The Summoning of Everyman,” Sept. 24-27 at the Kinzer Performing Arts Center on the Tonkawa campus.

Show times are Sept. 24-26 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 27 at 2 p.m.

The morality play is directed by Anthony Luetkenhaus, NOC Director of Technical Theatre.

Admission is free, children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

According to Luetkenhaus’ director’s notes, “The Summoning of Everyman” is the best-known example of the traditional medieval morality play. The morality play, born out of liturgical drama of the Catholic Church, was the most popular style of medieval theatre. Focused on the saving of the mortal soul, these types of plays traveled the countryside and were performed by acting troupes in town squares across Europe. They served an important role in the translation of liturgical works into a common tongue, as church services were conducted in Latin and most of the population was illiterate.

“’Everyman’ is presented as an allegory, with each character representing an ideal present in the human condition, Luetkenhaus said. “This makes this work particularly challenging for young performers. Pushing the boundaries of symbolism and theme has forced our young cast out of their comfort zone and into new, unexplored territory. They also confronted the challenge of the language barrier of a 525-year-old play. This production is a first for many of our cast in presenting non-contemporary English. They have put great effort into presenting this language in a modern and accessible way.”

“Morality plays also presented spectacle like had never been seen in performance before.,” he added. “Travelling with large sets on carts called “pageant wagons”, special effects and over-the-top presentation were the norm for nomadic morality plays. They placed emphasis on the supernatural, the miracle, and the concepts of heaven and hell.”

“’Everyman’ is inherently religious in its language and its overtones,” he continued. “However, I feel that the message of this story and its basis in the concepts of salvation through good works and selflessness are just as important and secularly universal today as they were in 1495 when it was written. We are living in unprecedented and historic times. It is my hope that through this production we can all walk away with a new sense of what it means to live through adversity.”

Cast includes, Messenger/ Five Wits: Makayla Seeny, Death/ Strength: Mason Smykil, Everyman: Hunter Potter, Fellowship: Dawson Richter, Kindred/Discretion: Cassidy Edsall, Cousin/Doctor: Kolton Rhodes

Goods/ Confession: Noah Shaw, Good Deeds: Aleah Taylor, Knowledge: Carli Pendleton, and Beauty/Angel: Krista Johnson

Crew includes Director: Anthony Luetkenhaus, Scenic Design: Anthony Luetkenhaus, Lighting Design: Anthony Luetkenhaus, Sound Design: Anthony Luetkenhaus, Costume Design: Melodie Parman, Stage Manager: Landon Linder, and Sound Board Operator: Tyler Coffman

NOC is practicing the following safety precautions for Covid-19: Masks will be required for students at all auditions, rehearsals, and backstage during performances, show direction will prioritize distancing on stage, striving for a minimum number of people on stage at one time while also maintaining safe distances, dressing room will not be used for makeup application, seats and touchpoints will be decontaminated before every performance, concession stand will utilize a plexiglass window, gloves and masks for servers.

There is no intermission, guests are asked to remain seated for the duration of the performance to maintain social distancing.

The production is also available on live stream at .