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NOC partners with professionals to assist with academic programs

Northern Oklahoma College welcomed business professionals from nine academic areas Tuesday, Oct. 20 to a virtual meeting with NOC instructors in those nine academic fields.

The advisory boards meet annually with NOC instructors to discuss the changing workplace and how instructors can better prepare students for the future.

The partnership between the business community and NOC has been going on for many years. Some divisions have had these partnerships for as many as 30 years. This was the second year the advisory committees all met simultaneously.

“NOC academic programs are better because of these public private partnerships,” said NOC President Dr. Cheryl Evans. “Each year our faculty and administrators listen to the professionals who invest their time to serve on these boards. Our curriculum and instruction is continually improved with their valuable input and ideas.”

Advisory boards are held in the following areas: Agricultural & Biological Sciences, Alumni, Behavioral Sciences, Business, Criminal Justice, Digital Media Institute, Mass Communications, Nursing, Pre-Engineering/Process Technology, and Health, Physical Education & Recreation.

“Our advisory board partners have been able to provide invaluable workplace perspective on the demands of each profession,” said Dr. Pam Stinson, Vice President for Student Affairs. “Students are educated on the content they need to know to do the job, but we also want them to be aware of job demand, a typical workday, and the additional challenges of each position. These partnerships offer that perspective as well as opportunities for internships and job shadowing.”

“It was amazing to see so many community members and workforce partners giving of their time to share their expertise with the faculty of NOC,” said Kathleen Swain, Coordinator of Student Academic Success Services and advisory board event organizer. “The input of the advisory board members can enhance the education our students receive and help ensure that they possess essential skills and knowledge when they enter the workforce.”

Before the breakout sessions, NOC President Dr. Cheryl Evans welcomed the advisory board members and shared items of interest regarding Northern Oklahoma College.