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Planetarium Show set for April 6

The Mackie Planetarium on the NOC Enid campus will present our next show on Wednesday evening, April 6, at 7 p.m.

Planetarium Director Fritz Osell will present the night sky over Enid and show prominent constellations in the early evening sky during March and April.

Osell will show visitors how they can find a star factory in the constellation Orion.  He will also show how to find some clusters of young stars and clusters of very old stars that formed 13 billion years ago shortly after the creation of Universe.

He said they can dim the sun and show the planets near the sun in our afternoon sky.  Visitors will be able to see which zodiac constellation the sun and planets are visiting this month and visitors will take a tour of the solar system from Mercury to Pluto.

Osell will introduce a system called Slooh.   Slooh enables anyone of any age to access research telescopes in the Canary Islands and in Chile.  It will show some stunning images of galaxies, star clusters, planets and the sun that anyone may obtain from home using these telescopes.

Osell will show examples of educational projects conducted using the Slooh system and show a curriculum guide for this system for K-16.

There is no charge but donations of non-perishable food items for Our Daily Bread will be accepted.