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NOC Tonkawa presents Academic Awards

Northern Oklahoma College Tonkawa students were honored Wednesday night at the Annual Academic Awards Banquet at the Renfro Center.

The following are the awards for 2022-23:

Oklahoma All-USA Academic First Team:  Abriana Suprobo, Ashton Linton

Outstanding President’s Leadership Council Student:  Ashton Linton

Academic Athlete of the Year:  Bowen Charboneau

Outstanding Agricultural Student:  Kelby Linn

Outstanding Livestock Judging Student:  Colt Jones

Outstanding Sheep Center Student:  Becca Deming, Tyler Gibson

Outstanding Biology Student:  Ty Scherman

Outstanding Chemistry Student:  Bowen Charboneau

Outstanding Pre-Engineering Student:  Rachael Chatterji

Outstanding Pre-Medicine Student:  Bowen Charboneau, Ashton Linton

Outstanding Process Technology Student:  Chase Harman

Outstanding Business Student:  Larissa Haagsma

Christine Marshall Outstanding Accounting Student:  Heather Decker

Gene Dougherty Outstanding Art Student:  Jayden Ryan

Piyush and Lisa Patel Outstanding DMI Student:  Dawson Henrichs, Ellianne Turner

JT Burg Scholarship for Outstanding DMI Student:  Marissa Hill

Outstanding Instrumental Music Student:  Luke McHenry

Rhoda Sharp Award:  Owen Hutchinson, Cassidy Edsel

Outstanding All-Around Musician:  Carli Pendleton

Outstanding Musical Theatre Student:  Makayla Sweeney

Outstanding Technical Theatre Student:  Mariah Moberly

Charlene Bouchard Outstanding Literature Student:  Tori Wood

Outstanding Language Arts Student:  Matthew Davis

Outstanding Mass Communication Student:  Sharon Park

Keely Marshall Outstanding Journalism Student:  Savannah Chenoweth

Elizabeth Totten Outstanding Creative Writing Student:  Tori Wood

Louis R. Vineyard Outstanding Radio & TV Student:  Savannah Chenoweth

Outstanding Math Student:  Ashley Evers, Salem Cearley

Outstanding Nursing Student:  Savannah Dolezal

Outstanding History Student:  Laura Hernandez

Christine Marshall Outstanding Criminal Justice Student:  Samantha Mears

Newman Fellow:

NOC Gateway Study Abroad Scholarship:  Matthew Pawlikowski

4.0 Student Award:  Ashton Linton, Bowen Charboneau, Chase Harman, Delaney Reimer, Larissa Haagsma, Morgan Fowble, Morgan Livesay