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Mia-Claire Jones reflects on her year as Miss NOC Enid

Mia-Claire Jones


Mia-Claire Jones’ year as Miss NOC Enid ends Tuesday with the crowning of a new Miss NOC Enid.

It’s been a fast and furious year for the sophomore from Morrison, Oklahoma, studying Pre-Med.

“It’s been a blast,” Jones said.  “It’s gone by really fast but I’ve enjoyed it so very much.”

Jones had never participated in a pageant before last year’s Miss NOC event and was shocked when she won.

“I did it for the scholarship money,” she said.  “I thought ‘why not’ give it a try?”

“I was kind of scared,” she added.  “I’d been in front of people before but this was totally different.  It really pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

What’s been the best part of being Miss NOC?

“Just meeting so many great people and experiencing new things,” she said.  “I know I’ve met people that will be lifelong friends.”

When Jones was planning for the talent portion of the Miss NOC Scholarship Competition, she planned to play a piano selection.  This was a challenge for Jones because she had just taught herself to play piano during COVID-19.

“That was pretty scary,” she said.  “But I got through it okay.”

Jones now takes regular lessons.

Jones’ impact statement is “Adopt Positivity” which she is very passionate.

“I gave away a lot of toothbrushes,” she said.  “I want people to be positive and not be afraid to smile.  When people smile, they are happy.  Smiling is like a superpower for people.  It cuts through the negativity and makes people feel good.”

Jones enjoys being a role model.

“You never know who you are impacting,” she said.  “If some little girl sees me as Miss NOC Enid, that may encourage her to try and do the same thing.  You have to try things in order to be successful.”

She enjoyed her experience at the Miss Oklahoma Pageant so much she is trying to qualify for this year’s pageant.

“I’ve been participating in competitions this year because I had so much fun at last year’s,” she said.

What’s her advice for this year’s winner?

“It’s your year so make it the best it can be,” she said.

She plans to attend Oklahoma State University next fall.  Her goals are to become a sports physician for sports’ team.