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Arts Adventure

Arts Adventure 2022 – Summer Camp – July 18th-21st 

Arts Adventure invites you to attend a 3-day summer camp on the Northern Oklahoma College Tonkawa campus where you will gain talents and skills in the classes offered below. The camp is open to students entering grades 6th through 12th, and to those who have graduated high school this spring.

Beginning Photography (John Pickard)

Explore composition and lighting and learn how to use different settings on a camera. Learn how to take images in your world that tell a story. This class will prepare you to capture well-lit, composed, and compelling photos. Please make sure you bring a fully charged camera.

Board Game Design (Justin Stier)

We will design and build our own individual board games based off of a few game styles. This can involve designing your own characters, rules, and the board itself.

Cartooning (Justin Stier)

Explore methods of creating your own cartoon characters. You will learn to understand simple concepts from what makes a hero or a villain to what is funny or serious. At the end of the class you will have your own cast of characters for you to imagine your own story.

Computer Graphics 101 (Brad Matson)

Learn how to use Photoshop to design interesting and unique visual graphics. Text, pictures, credits/intros and personal creations will be created and showcased in the art gallery at the end-of-camp Showcase.

Dance Technique (Cara Kem)

If one wants to learn how to turn and leap, they need a strong foundation in technique.  Tiny muscles between the big muscles need strengthening through specific exercises in order to achieve big dance movements.  Cara’s class can provide you the tools needed!

Digital Escape Room (Marlys Cervantes)

Learn how to set up a digital escape room using ideas from favorite characters, books, or film.

Drum Circle

Drum Circle will explore the drums and rhythms of Africa. Students will learn how to play various drums and shakers common in Africa drum circles. In addition, the class will explore how this music has been incorporated into American popular music from Ragtime to present day Rock and Roll. No prior drum experience required.

Graphic Storytelling (Marlys Cervantes)

Create a graphic novel by choosing characters, storylines, and locations, including artwork or other imagery.

Hip Hop (Cara Kem)

Learn how to feel the beat while expressing yourself creativity through movement.  Combinations can be learned through guidance from the teacher as well as exercises to help your body fell the beat.

Introduction to Linocut Printmaking (Mindy Littlecook)

Students will explore and learn the techniques in linocut printmaking; how to transfer original drawing to linoleum piece, how to properly and safely use cutting tools, barens, and learn the use of other materials needed to produce several finished pieces of art to keep and/or share.

Jewelry and Ornament Making (Audrey Schmitz)

Here’s your chance to create original pendants, buttons, and ornaments using glass, clay, wood, metal, paper, wire and more. Learn about glass fusing, ceramic glaze and firing techniques and how to create custom cords for your wearable art!

Leather Animal Fantasy Masks

Design your own Animal Fantasy Masks with a nationally recognized mask maker! Create your own animal fantasy drawings and make them into leather masks. Construct a full-face mask using leather, wood, copper, and acrylic paint. Animal fantasy masks include dragons, unicorns, and other mythological creatures.

Musical Theatre (Chad Anderson)

Come learn some basics as well as advanced techniques in the world of Musical Theatre with NOC MT director Chad Anderson. Students will spend their time putting together a show-stopping musical number that will wow audiences and thrill performers. Break a leg!

Musical Theater Dance (Cara Kem)

Broadway is one of the biggest media’s of art on stage and the epic dance numbers are remembered for generations.  Join Cara in creating combinations from some of the most well known shows!

Oil Painting (Jena Kodesh)

By combining oil paint, charcoal drawing, and a secret solution, you will explore natural form in creating still life and landscape paintings. Working in transparent layers, this painting process allows you to produce vibrant colors and striking painted surfaces.

Painting with Watercolor and Gouache (Jena Kodesh)

Pigment dances with water as students create in color! Many experimental painting processes are explored as a means of expression. Texture is used to generate organic form.

Stage Combat Basics (Chad Anderson)

Ever wonder how they make those fights on stage and screen look so real. Learn a few of the secrets of Unarmed Stage Combat with NOC Musical Theatre Director Chad Anderson, as the he and the kids put together a knockdown-dragout of a performance!

Video Production/Computer Graphics (Brad Matson)

This day-long class will combine the Arts Adventurer’s two loves of video production and computer graphics. In the morning session, you will build a visual storyline for a story created by the group and learn how to operate a video camera and editing software. In the afternoon, you will create your own version of computer graphics to go with the morning’s visual story. The group will create titles and credits for the video and will utilize green screen techniques in finishing your group project. Make an awesome video with a group and have it shown on the big screen at the Friday showcase.

Vocal Exploration (Brandon Haynes)

Learn how to use your voice to sing with different styles of music, including classical, music theatre and pop, while possibly adding movement to match. Train your ear to sing in unison and harmony, with the opportunity for more advanced students to solo as well.


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