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Arts Adventure

Arts Adventure 2021 – Summer Camp – July 20th – 22nd

Arts Adventure invites you to attend a 3-day summer camp on the Northern Oklahoma College Tonkawa campus where you will gain talents and skills in the classes offered below. The camp is open to students entering grades 6th through 12th, and to those who have graduated high school this spring.

ARTISTRY THROUGH POETIC FORMS (MARLYS CERVANTES): With new forms added from the previous AA session, this creative writing class will provide the opportunity to use a diverse mix of forms as you craft words and challenge yourself with new ideas. At times, we will search the campus area for inspiration. In the end, you will create a digital portfolio collection of your writing for the virtual showcase.

BEGINNING PHOTOGRAPHY (JOHN  PICKARD): In Beginning Photography we will be exploring composition and lighting. We will learn the different settings a camera has and how to use them. We will learn how to take images in your world that tell a story. This class will prepare you to capture well lit, composed, and compelling photos. Please make sure that you bring a fully charged camera.

BOARD GAME DESIGN (JUSTIN STIER): We will design and build our own individual board games based off of a few game styles. This can involve designing your own characters, rules, and the board itself.

CARTOONING (JUSTIN STIER): Explore methods of creating your own cartoon characters. You will learn to understand simple concepts from what makes a hero or a villain to what is funny or serious. At the end of the class you will have your own cast of characters for you to imagine your own story.

COMPUTER GRAPHICS 101 (BRAD MATSON): In this class you will learn how to use Photoshop to design interesting and unique visual graphics. Text, pictures, credits/ intros and personal creations will be created and showcased in the Art Gallery at the Friday Showcase.

CREATURES AND CRITTERS SCULPTURE (PATRICK RILEY): Use your imagination and learn how to make your own creature and critter  sculpture using wood, cardboard, and leather. Learn to use leather tools, scissors, and tape to build your creature and critter. Paint your sculptures with acrylic paints and add feathers and beads to make your sculptures super exciting.

DIGITAL ESCAPE ROOM (MARLYS CERVANTES):  Maybe you’ve been to escape rooms…well, here’s your chance to create a digital one using ideas from your favorite character, book series, film, and so on! Have fun setting up your own escape room and challenging friends, family, and those who attend our virtual showcase to see if they can escape!

DRAWING (JENA KODESH): Drawing with pen and ink creates artistic confidence as mark-making processes are explored. Stippling, cross hatching, and sgraffito will be used to create personal marks which distinguish differences among artists! This class focuses on mark-making to create value and define form. A reverse mono- print will also be created by mark-making into an inked surface.

DRUM CIRCLE (PHILLIP HUDSON): Drum circle is about getting people that are interested in percussion or any other music program a little head start. Knowing how to read music beforehand is not a requirement. We will learn to read music a little as we learn to play a couple of percussion pieces. Instruments will be provided, just bring sticks. Percussion pieces will range from cadances to pep band tunes. This way we will cover different styles of music and different techniques for play and counting rhythms. I hope this will get more people into their school’s music programs or if they are already in the programs give them some techniques in counting or playing that will help them succeed in their programs.

GRAPHIC STORYTELLING (MARLYS CERVANTES): Graphic novels are all the rage, so let’s write and draw yours! You’ll decide on a storyline, characters, a location, and take off with your imagine.  Whether you are an artist, or want to sketch stick figures or imagery rather than lifelike stories for this project, it’s up to you. You may choose to tell a story, or have a separate set of individual comics. Come tell your story in words and pictures! In the end, we will create our story online for the virtual showcase.

JEWELRY AND ORNAMENT MAKING (AUDREY SCHMITZ) : Here’s your chance to create original pendants, buttons and ornaments using glass, clay, wood, metal, paper, wire and more.  Learn about glass fusing, ceramic glaze and firing techniques and how to create custom cords for your wearable art!

LEATHER ANIMAL MASK SPECIAL (PATRICK RILEY): Come and learn the art of leather mask making and design wearable leather animal masks. Use acrylic paints and special pens to draw and paint on your hand created mask. Learn how to use leather tools and leather stitching methods in making your mask. Wear and have fun with your hand painted finished mask.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION- VIDEO PRODUCTION (BRAD MATSON): In this 3 hour class you will build a visual storyline for a story created by the group as a whole. You will learn how to create a story from start to finish using a 3 act structure, operate a video camera, lights, and sound equipment to make an awesome video for presentation on Friday.

MUSCIAL THEATRE (CHAD ANDERSON) From live TV to film adaptations, Broadway musicals are as popular as ever! Come learn both basic and new techniques for performing in musical theatre, and let’s put together a show of our own!

OIL PAINTING (JENA KODESH): By combining oil paint, charcoal drawing, and a secret solution, you will explore natural form in creating still- life and landscape paintings. Working in transparent layers, this painting process allows you to produce vibrant colors and striking painted surfaces.

PAINTING WITH WATERCOLOR AND GOUACHE (JENA KODESH): Pigment dances with water as students create in color! Many experimental painting processes are explored as a means of expression. Texture is used to generate organic form.

STAGE COMBAT (CHAD ANDERSON) Let’s get ready to rumble! Ever wonder how actors and stuntmen make fighting look so real? Students will learn the safest and most effective techniques for stage combat and will end the week with an exhilarating display for our visiting audience!

VOCAL EXPLORATION (BRANDON HAYNES) Learn how to use your voice to sing with different style of music including classical, music theatre and pop, possibly adding movement to match. Train your ear to sing in unison and harmony, with the opportunity for more advanced students to solo as well.

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