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October 12, 2022
In Honor Of
Hugh and Dr. S. J. Pickens
Doctor Pickens Museum, Inc.

Thanks to the substantial gift and continued collaborative partnership of Hugh and the late Dr. S. J. Pickens, the new Pickens Learning Commons (PLC) has transformed the Vineyard Library into a 21st century contemporary vibrant student hub. Thus, creating an environment where students can work collaboratively and individually and be inspired by the high-quality art that surrounds them.

There are over 80 pieces of art in the Pickens Learning Commons, which makes it one of the most significant art collections on display in northern Oklahoma. The Pickens Museum will continue to display a constant collection of various artworks within the PLC that may include but not limited to paintings, prints, and sculptures from the Pickens Museum Art Collection to be on a long-term rotation.

The Pickens Learning Commons also includes some very large, inspiring murals that have been commissioned by Mr. Hugh Pickens to be conceived and painted by Native American artist and muralist, Yatika Starr Fields. The combined size of the murals is 150’ x 20’ tall.

Mr. Pickens and his late wife Dr. S.J. Pickens live in Ponca City and are great supporters of the arts. They were collectors together, and Mr. Hugh Pickens continues today to support artists and to collect the type of art that he and his wife enjoyed.