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Grants Committee

The purpose of the Grants Committee is to identify funding opportunities and coordinate efforts to submit grant applications for the development of programs in academics, student services and other areas as needed. It is the duty of the committee to ensure that grant proposals are in line with the mission of the institution. This committee, made up of representatives from all campuses, will convene to view the Proposal Planning Sheets. The committee will meet frequently as it is the nature of grants to have prompt deadlines. Ex-Officio members will attend meetings to provide guidance on institutional policies and budget details.

The Grants Committee meets regularly, either monthly or bi-monthly, as needed. Details about these meetings are provided below in the Agendas and Minutes for each meeting held in 2016, 2017, and 2018.. If you would like this information for meetings prior to 2016, please contact the Grants Coordinator.

2019 Grants Committee Meetings

2019 Meeting Agendas: 2019 Meeting Minutes:
Grants Committee Agenda 01.29.19 Grants Committee Minutes 01.29.19
Grants Committee Agenda 04.30.19