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Facility Usage and Rentals – Enid

The Enid Campus of Northern Oklahoma College has many options for those looking to rent space to host meetings, conferences, training sessions, weddings, dances, athletic and cultural events.  Space available includes small conference rooms, multi-media classrooms, computer labs, general purpose rooms that can be configured as needed, a chapel, a large ballroom, basketball courts, and a large capacity auditorium.  The College can also arrange for groups to have functions at our observatory and planetarium.

Please be aware that alcohol and tobacco are not allowed on College property.  Contact information about facilities rental is located at the bottom of this page.

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Conference Rooms

There are two conference rooms in the Gantz Center that are available for use.  One will seat fifteen people and the other will seat eighteen.  Both rooms have a LCD projector and screen that can be used with any computer while the smaller room also has a 42″ video conferencing unit.

Multi-Media Classrooms

As befits a college campus, Northern Oklahoma College has a wide assortment of classrooms that can be rented.  All classrooms are equipped with full multi-media capabilities and numerous rooms have SmartBoards installed as well.  Seating capacities range from twenty-five (25) to forty-five (45) people.  Some classrooms have the traditional desk/chair combinations while others have tables and chairs.

In addition to the standard lecture type classrooms, the campus possesses four Interactive TV studios that can be used to bring webinars, video conferences, etc. into the room.  Seating capacity in these studios ranges from fifteen (15) to forty (40) people.

With respect to time availability, most of our classrooms and ITV studios are heavily used during the weekdays from 8 a.m. until around 1 p.m so afternoons, evenings, and weekends are the optimal times for outside groups to use these facilities.

Bivins Chapel

The Bivins Chapel provides a wonderful space for a wedding or a choir/ensemble concert.  With traditional pews, beautiful stained glass windows, and a seating capacity of around 200, the Bivins Chapel is an excellent choice for many types of events.  Other amenities in the Chapel include a baby grand piano, microphones, CD player, and speakers.

The chapel was renovated in the spring of 2015 with new flooring, new paint, and the cleaning and varnishing of all of the wood.

Montgomery Ballroom

The Montgomery Ballroom is our largest space that is available for meetings, dances, banquets, movie showings, etc.  As can be seen from the pictures below, the ballroom is a large open space that can be setup to meet a wide variety of needs.  The seating capacity will depend on what type of function is being held in the room.  For banquets, the capacity is around 200 people and for presentations the room can seat around 350 people.

The ballroom has full multi-media capability that can be used with any computer, a large fixed white screen on the east wall, ceiling mounted LCD projector, microphones, and sound system.

General Purpose Rooms

There are two general purpose rooms in the Gantz Center that can be setup for presentations, small groups, training sessions, etc.  GU100 is a large room that can seat around 75 people for dining and it can also be split into three rooms (via sliding accordion doors) if needed.  GU110 is a smaller room that can seat around 30 people for dining or around 45 people for presentations.  Both rooms are fully multi-media equipped with a computer, LCD projector, and electronic white screen.

Mabee Center Fieldhouse

The Mabee Center complex consists of two gyms, locker rooms, racquetball courts, and a fitness center.  The west gym is the main gym and will seat around 2,000 fans while the east gym will seat around 1,000.  The Mabee Center is the home of the NOC Jets basketball teams.  A ticket booth and concession stand are located in the lobby area of the west gym.

Briggs Auditorium

The Briggs Auditorium is located on the eastern side of the campus, on Maine Street.  It is a traditional auditorium in that it has a large stage, orchestra pit, lighting, spotlights, sound system, dressing rooms, etc.  The seating capacity is around 1,000 on the lower level with another 250 seats available in the balcony.  The campus’s largest parking lot is located next to this building.

Observatory and Planetarium

The NOC observatory and Mackie planetarium provide a unique environment for any event.  The observatory has a modern 14″ telescope on a remote controlled mount that can automatically lock on to any viewable celestial object.  Outdoor mounts are available for additional telescopes.  The planetarium can seat sixty (60) people for a normal show and can also be configured for an amazing dining experience.  Numerous professionally-produced shows are available  for viewing in the planetarium.  For more information about our Astronomy facilities, please call 580-548-2399.

Facility Information

For information about rental prices and availability, please fill out our online event request form by clicking here (Facility Information Form).

Food Service

Copperpot Catering is the contracted provider of food service for all events on the campus.  If you are planning on having any type of food at an event on campus, then you need to contact Copperpot Catering at 580.628.2244.