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In December 1975, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education adopted a policy which guarantees the junior college Associate of Arts or Science graduate acceptance of the lower division courses as meeting lower division general education requirements of bachelor degree programs at state system universities.

Policy standards for associate degrees in Arts and Science include the following:

The completion of 60 semester credit hours, exclusive of basic required physical education activity courses or military science courses, with a grade-point average of 2.00.

The completion, as a portion of the overall 60 semester credit hours of a basic general education core, of a minimum of 37 semester credit hours which shall include the following: 

 English Composition 6
 American History and American National Government 6
(One physical science and one biological science course)
(3 hours should be designated as “International Dimension” in course catalog)
 Mathematics  3
 ORNT 1101 Orientation  1
 CS 1113 Computer Concepts or BSAD 1113 Digital and Financial Literacy
(Candidates for the Associate in Arts and Associate in Sciences degrees must either
pass Computer Concepts or demonstrate proficiency in computer applications.)
 Other  3-4


One course from: Behavioral or Social Sciences, Humanities, Foreign Languages, and Natural Sciences. Additional courses may be selected from the above or complete additional hours in Language Arts and Mathematics.

The remaining minimum of 23 semester credit hours of academic work shall be applicable to the student’s major objective, including any prerequisite courses necessary for his/her anticipated upper-division program. A majority of such student credit hours should be taken in courses classified as liberal arts and sciences.

The associate degree general education core of 37 semester credit hours listed in item 2 above shall be considered minimal, and each two-year college may, with the approval of the State Regents, develop additional lower-division general education requirements for its own students.

Additional liberal arts and science courses are needed to meet the minimum total of 37 credit hours required in this policy. (The Oklahoma State Regents’ policies require a minimum of 40 semester hours of general education for the baccalaureate degree.) Credits earned consistent with the Oklahoma State Regents’ Policy “Standards of Education Relating to Advanced Standing Credit” may be used to satisfy the given requirements.


Northern Oklahoma College offers 72 program areas leading to the Associate in Arts, Associate in Applied Science or Associate in Science degree. A suggested course sequence and the requirements for each program are shown on the following pages. The page headings include the name of the program, the college division responsible for its content, and the type of degree or certificate awarded to successful candidates. The programs are arranged by general categories.