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Tonkawa Campus Clubs

The student organizations which are at present active on the campus are listed by categories.

African-American Student Association
This association strives to establish and promote a positive and welcoming environment for all cultures, not only African-American, by coordinating planned activities and improving communications, milieu, mentoring and ultimately creating a supportive atmosphere.

This club is composed of students interested in any phase of agriculture. During the year, the group makes fi eld trips and attends agriculture and livestock shows both in and out of Oklahoma.

The purpose of ArtForum is to encourage interest in and promote understanding of the visual and creative arts.

The college band is composed of experienced instrumental musicians. The band regularly meets for drills and band routines. It plays at school activities and provides an excellent opportunity for those interested in improving their musical techniques.

Civitan Club
Open to all students desiring to develop a strong sense of civic pride and community, the Campus Civitan Club strives to provide members with a broader knowledge of public affairs and community needs and to prepare them for intelligent leadership and cooperation in solving civic and community problems. The club selects projects to meet the particular needs of the community.

College Choir
The choir is open to all students who possess musical ability to qualify for membership.

The purpose of this organization is to prepare college students to enter the multi-media profession and associated fi elds and/or to be better informed in the multi-media industry.

Engineering Technology Club
This club is open to all students enrolled in one of Northern’s technology programs or technology classes, or who are pre-engineering majors. The purpose of the organization is to represent engineering technology programs during campus activities, to provide educational information to its members, to promote engineering technology on campus and to the general public and to inform area industries about Northern’s engineering technology graduates.

Images3 Photography Club
This club is open to all students interested in traditional or digital photography.

International student Association
Created to promote understanding and to further knowledge of different cultures, the ISA members help new international students adjust to life in the United States. The ISA is open to all interested students at Northern.

Intramural Council
The aim of the Intramural Council is to provide an opportunity for each physically able man and woman at Northern to participate in his/her favorite type of competitive athletics. The activities offered are basketball, bowling, dodge ball, flag football, golf, handball, pool, softball, swimming, tennis, and volleyball.

Law Enforcement Club
All persons preparing to enter law enforcement or associated fi elds or who are now active members of a police organization and enrolled at Northern are eligible for active membership.

Literary Club
The Literary Club sponsors Open Mic nights, poetry workshops, literary travel and other events during the school year. Any student interested is welcome to join.

Math Club
The Math Club was founded to promote understanding and knowledge of mathematics and to provide information for students about professional fields open in the sciences.

Maverick Magic
The purpose of Maverick Magic is to encourage and promote school spirit while supporting athletics through decorating, promoting student involvement, being ambassadors for recruits and participating in public relations.

Music Business Club
The purpose of the Music Business Club is to introduce, coordinate and promote special events; i.e. concerts, community events and guest speakers.

Native American Club
The purpose of the organization is to promote understanding and knowledge of Indian culture and traditions.

NOC Rodeo Association
This association provides students who enjoy the sport of rodeo and horsemanship the opportunity to continue to enjoy the fellowship and recreation in a competitive and non-competitive manner. The association welcomes members who wish to compete as well as those who want to help in any way they can.

Peer Counseling Program
Students are trained in communication skills, confidentiality requirements and leadership skills to empower fellow students in problem solving, decision making and coping strategies.

Radio Club
The chief activity of the Radio Club is the operation of Northern’s on-campus radio station, KAYE-FM. The club is in charge of regular daily broadcasts on campus.

Red Slate Filmmaking Club
Members discuss and create original fi lms and host the Short but Sweet Film Festival each spring.

Membership in this organization is secured through competitive auditions. This group presents programs many times each year throughout the state. A member of this vocal ensemble gains invaluable experience.

Students Against Destructive Decisions
The purpose of the SADD organization is to educate students concerning the problem of drinking and driving and to help each student become aware of the alcohol problem as it exists on the local, state and national levels.

Student Nurses Association
All students enrolled in the Northern Oklahoma College Nursing Program for the preparation of professional nurses are eligible for membership. The purpose of this pre-professional, non-profit student organization is to aid in the preparation of student nurses for the assumption of professional responsibilities